We heah y’all, but what y’all sayin’

August 16-19, 1960 By BOB SLOAN You are Brady Police dispatcher Mrs. W.A. Carroll. You are sitting behind your desk at police headquarters when suddenly the radio crackles and an important message comes through: “Ca foah’Ca foah. Proceed to Twinny Tree Foist Street. Two kids is fightin’ wid butcha knives, hokay'” The Yankees are on the air again. And it’s a problem for Mrs. Carroll, or whoever is operating the Brady police radio. For when the Yankees are on, Brady is literally knocked off the air. “When they’re on, they are all you can hear,” Mrs. Carroll complains. “I can’t ever call the Brady patrol cars.” The trouble seems to be several police departments north of the Mason-Dixon Line, suh, that are using the same radio frequency as Brady. When the weather is especially right, they can hear us. “I don’t think we are as loud up there as they are down here,” said Mrs. Carroll. “If we are, I can sympathize with them. “We know they can hear us,” she said. “Sometimes we will hear them talking about ‘the Rebels’ or ‘the Texas Bean Eaters’ or just ‘those Texans’ being on the air again.” Biddleford, Maine and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are the loudest and most frequent intruders, but Cleveland, Ohio and a town called Springdale are also heard. “I don’t mind listening to them when I don’t have to make any calls,” Mrs. Carroll said. “But when I’m trying to get a message through, it’s terrible. “When I do have time to listen, it’s funny.” The calls are unique. The dispatcher always talks in the same disinterested monotone whether directing officers to break up a fight between “two kids with butcher knives” or asking them to “investigate a locked door; neighbors complaining of moans inside.” One time, officers were directed to such-and-such an address to get rid of a skunk in the yard. “Wheajassay'” asked the cop in the patrol car. “You know,” said the dispatcher, giving the address again, “It’s two doas down from my place.” Like Mrs. Carroll said, it’s interesting to listen to those Yankees, but it’s like listening to someone from another country. Unless you can speak the language, you just can’t understand them. * * * Karl Otte given TCU scholarship Karl Otte, a 1960 graduate of Brady High School, has been awarded a Christian Service Scholarship to Texas Christian University beginning with the fall semester in September. The grant is $300 per year. Otte, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Otte, 201 West 17th Street, will be a religion major at TCU. * * * Miss Corder to be model Miss Elene Corder will be one of the 80 college students who will model at a style show in San Angelo Friday, Aug. 19 at 8 p.m. The show is sponsored by Maurice’s and will be held at the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre in Central High School. All models are students from this area. * * * Burglars get little loot Burglars broke into the Flamingo Inn, 708 North Bridge Street, Friday night and took an estimated $6 to $8 from the cigarette machine. The break-in occurred sometime between the time the restaurant closed at 11 p.m. Friday night and opened at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. Entry was gained through a roll-out type casement window at the back of the building. Owners Pete Knutson and Cleburn Stamphill said they left the window open at night for ventilation. The prowlers removed the screen covering the window and went in. The cigarette machine had been broken into and an empty change bag in the juke box was removed. The burglars, however, left several cartons of cigarettes and boxes of candy intact. * * * Ricks elected head of B-Stamp program Charter members of the Brady Stamp Program met Thursday night at the Country Club to elect officers and a board of directors and to discuss the rules and regulations to govern the organization. James Isbell, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Retail Merchants Committee, the committee in charge of the stamp program, presided at the meeting. D.A. Harkrider and Roger Wheeler represented the Chamber of Commerce and gave those present the background of the program. Frank Corder was elected chairman of the membership meeting and Mrs. John Threadgill was named secretary. Thirty-five people attended the meeting, 30 of whom were voting members. There are 56 charter member firms. Officers elected at the meeting are A.J. Ricks, Jr., president, John Rudder, first vice president; Norman Archer, secretary; John Threadgill, treasurer; Wayne Rawlings, vice president in charge of advertising; Jim Harkrider, vice president in charge of internal affairs; Hubert Gillbreath, vice president in charge of the budget; and Ross Huffman, vice president in charge of civic development. It was decided to elect the nine board members for two-year terms, with overlapping terms so the board of directors will always have four or five old members. The members also formally accepted the state charter and discussed the governing rules and regulations of the organization. * * * At home after vacation Mrs. J.G. Clawson returned last Wednesday from a month’s vacation trip to Ontario, Calif., where she was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Hummel, former residents of Brady, and relatives.

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