Warning: do not sign release in Stearns case

Austin attorney Jim George warns the Brady investors with Brian Russell Stearns to not sign the U.S. government release they recently received in the mail. ‘Everyone was treated equally in the suit against the Locke Liddell law firm, and everyone will get approximately 70 percent of their investment, providing they DO NOT sign the letter,’ he told the Standard-Herald late Monday afternoon. He said some of the Brady people had been confused by the government’s letter. ‘If enough people opt out, no one will get their 70 percent around Christmas time. You will be cutting your own throat as well as your neighbor’s. The government states that you will receive any money that is found when Stearns is released 30 years from now. Stearns has no money,’ George said. The Receiver was unable to find any money off-shore or in Swiss bank accounts. The bottom line is. . .do not sign the government’s letter. Do not opt out of the settlement.

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