Gwen’s Golfin’ Gab

This week has been the same as the past six weeks-unbearably hot during the day and no rain. Golfers are coming out to play early in the morning or late in the evening and very few are arriving in the heat of the day. In fact the 1 p.m. group seems to get smaller each day. Hopefully and prayerfully, we will get cooler weather soon and maybe even some rain. The regular Thursday Hully Gully brought out some 36 players. There were four five-person teams and four four-person teams. The Heart of Texas Golf Association welcomes its newest member Jay May. Welcome back Jay after about a ten year absence! Scores again were close, ranging from 28 to 32. There were two 28s, one 29, one 30, three 31s and a 32 turned in at the end of play. The two 28 scores tabulated identical score cards so there was a tie for first and second places. The teams were Michael Valdez, Roy Short, Clay Jones, Marilyn Carrithers and Mae Journeay on one team. Curtis Copeland, Jack Roberts, Lina Cruz, Donald Owens and Jamye Graves were on the other winning team. Congratulations to each team for such great scores! The regular monthly Sunday Hully Gully was not so full as there was only 29 players out to play in the middle of the day in 100+ heat. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the day though and scores ranged from 58 to 66. The winning team was the Ted Epley team with a 58. The team consisted of Ted, Ben Mcculloch, Bobby Williams and Kathy Powell. The second place team was the Shane McCartney team with a 59 score posted. The team consisted of Shane, Charlie Bush, Benito Rubio and Denise Nichols. Great job to both teams! Other scores posted were two 60s, one 62, one 63,and a 66. The next regular Hully Gully will be Thursday Aug. 17 at 5:30 p.m. Be sure to call the Golf Shop by Thursday at 4:30 to sign up or go by and put your name on the list. You may also call 597-6010 to sign up to play. Hope to see you out this week! The next event will be the Cowboy-Sponsor Tournament to go along with the Bad Company Extravaganza scheduled to be in Brady August 24-26. The golf tournament will be the morning of the 25th and will be set up as three sponsers and one cowboy to a team. This will be a draw to see who plays with whom. Call Casey at 915-456-1048 for further information and to sign up to play or call the Golf Shop at 597-6010 and I will pass on all entries to the golf tournament only. The ladies are off to San Saba tomorrow and I will report on that next week.Oh yes’before I forget, we had another hole-in-one today during the Hully-Gully. Eddie Mireles used a 7 iron to hit a TopFlite 2000 golf ball that hit a tree and some how found its way to the green and into the hole on # 17. Congratulations Eddie!! I will add you to my growing list of hole-in-one people! The foursome playing with Eddie was quite excited to have witnessed such a thing as a hole-in-one. Those who witnessed the shot were Marcos Solis, Donald Owens, Johnny Poe and Bobbie Williams. To go along with Eddies great joy is the hole-in-one jackpot which was over $2,000. Veronica was seeing dollar signs when she came into to Golf Shop and found out how much money was in the pot. Again, congratulations Eddie and Veronica. As you all know time is really flying and here we are approaching the famous Labor Day weekend. If you or your visitors plan on playing golf you might call the Golf Shop and make a tee-time. On Saturday and Sunday we require all players to have tee times in order to play as we are always so busy that weekend. You may call us at 597-6010 to make a tee time. We are also approaching the Tres-Amigos Tournament in September and it is starting to fill. Remember the Golf Association is taking the first 44 paid teams only. You may obtain an entry form at the Golf Shop. Denise Nichols also wanted to announce to all lady golfers that would like to donate some of their time during the Tres-Amigos Tournament to help cook to either call her or sign up in the Golf Shop. She would appreciate any of your help during that time. The date of the Tres-Amigos is Sept.15. Well that about does it for this week! We look forward to seeing you at the course real soon.

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