Bulldogs show potential in Saturday scrimmage

As the Brady Bulldog gridders enter their second week of pre-season practices, coach Davy DuBose said Monday afternoon that his charges are slowly learning his new system and are working hard. “I can’t complain about their effort. They have a good attitude and the discipline is acceptable,” he said. The new head coach has established a new “yes, sir/no, sir” reply from the players, and it has been quickly accepted by the some 80 players on the high school football team. “We had a completely new system for them to learn and understand. It’s a lot of new stuff and includes new terminology. It will take a little time for them to comprehend,” he said. After the first four days in shorts, the Bulldogs donned the pads on Friday, then on Saturday they faced off for their initial scrimmage session. “You have to take into consideration that we’d only had one day of preparation, but I felt the practice was a success. We worked about two hours,” the coach said. “We mainly wanted to just hit a little.” The first team offensive unit scored three times on the defense. The first week was completed with no major injuries. “I believe the potential is there to have a good team. And I have no doubt that the kids want that. We just have to be patient. I look for the kids to get much better within the next two weeks,” DuBose said. He termed the 80+ players as being in “fairly good shape.” The coach said the squad will be “very young” this upcoming season after a 3-7 year in 2000. “We only have 10 seniors back this season which is headed up by two-way all-district back Johnny Menefield. Center/defensive lineman Fidel Huerta is our only returning senior starter in the interior line,” he said. Other top lettermen returning are QB/DB Clifton Tally, WR/DB Blake Raybion and TE/LB Zack Brown. “Tally has been looking good as the quarterback after an outstanding seven-on-seven season this past summer,” DuBose said. The Brady players will be split up into three teams this fall’varsity will carry around 35 on the roster, the JV will have about 20 and the freshmen squad will be about 28. “Our freshman group has a number of promising linemen, size-wise, and are led by 230-pound Adam Jacoby,” the coach said. DuBose said that only three players ever played as freshmen on his varsity teams, and all of them went on to distinguished careers in Division I college schools. The entire group of players will continue morning practices throughout the week and will be in San Saba Saturday morning to take on former Brady coach John Baskin’s Armadillos. The session will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the freshmen going 15 plays on offense then 15 plays on defense. The JV will follow with 15/15. The varsity units will have a passer-receiver drill against the defensive secondary then go 15/15 and 10/10. The Bulldogs will be in Comfort on Thursday, Aug. 23 in their second scrimmage prior to the opening of the varsity season here on Friday, Aug. 31 against Coleman.

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