Guidelines set for free or reduced school meals

Children from families that meet federal income guidelines are eligible for free or reduced price meals while attending McCulloch County schools. Parents or guardians are urged to complete one application per family that will be distributed to all students the first day of school. Letters will be mailed to all households that are denied. Students qualifying for free or reduced lunches will be notified at their school campus. A new application must be on file to continue benefits. Students are asked to make payments for their meals before school. Payments may be made at the campus location or at the Food Service Office. The cafeteria prefers to not take money during the serving time. There will be an increase in meal pricing for Brady schools this year. Meals for students at North Ward and Brady Elementary will be $1.50 per day. Lunch for grades six through 12 will be $1.75. Breakfast at all campus locations is free. Reduced price meals at all Brady schools are $0.40. Lunch prices for Rochelle kindergarten to grade eight are $.75 and high school is $1 for full or $.35 for reduced lunch. Full paid breakfast is $.40 and reduced price breakfast is $.20. Meal prices at Lohn for full paid lunch is $.75 for grades kindergarten -four, $.90 for grades five-12 and $.40 for reduced lunch; and $.60 for full paid breakfast and $.30 for reduced breakfast. New families to Brady ISD may complete an application prior to the first day for approval. These applications are available at each campus administrative office and at the food service office located at 607 West 11th Street. Families receiving food stamps or TANF need only to list their children’s name and TANF or food stamp case number. The form must be signed by an adult household member. The Lone Star card number is not an acceptable number. Please call 915-597-2529 for assistance. Information provided on the application will remain confidential and is used only to determine eligibility and verification of data. Children who are approved are treated the same as other children, and no child is discriminated against because of race, sex, color, age, national origin or handicap. Children are eligible for free or reduced meals if the household income is at or below the level shown on the 1999-2000 Income Eligibility Guidelines. Those who do not agree with the school’s decision on the application have the right to a fair hearing. Parents will be notified when the application is approved or denied. Families whose children are approved must inform the school if the household size decreases or if their income increases by more than $50 per month or $600 per year. A family may apply at any time during the school year. See the Income eligibility Guideline Chart on page 3 of this issue.

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