Intercontinental Manufacturing Company releases airport to city

August 2-5, 1960 The City Council Tuesday night signed an agreement releasing Intercontinental Manufacturing Company from its contract to maintain and operate Curtis Field, Brady’s municipal airport. IMCO officials signed their part of the agreement July 18. The release, of course, has no effect on buildings at the field owned by IMCO, buildings purchased from the City in March, 1957. IMCO owns about 12 acres of land, four steel hangars and 14 smaller wooden buildings at the field. Under its original lease contract with the City back in 1951, the company, in addition to having use of the airport buildings, has been required to operate the field for civil aviation, selling gasoline, cleaning the field, etc. The release signed Tuesday now gives the responsibility for the airport back to the City. The principal effect, however, is that the release also gives the City control of two new steel hangars and a smaller T-hangar. The City has been seeking control of the new hangars to offer them for lease to other industrial prospects. The new hangars were built by IMCO at a cost of more than $92,000 in 1957’as part of the trade in which IMCO purchased the group of older buildings for $35,000. The new release, turning back operation of the airport to the City, provides that the City will have the right to enter IMCO’s property for operation and maintenance of the city’s water, light, sewer system and for operation of the airport beacon light, now on IMCO property. IMCO however, can require the City to move the beacon light up 30 days notice. * * * Duncan burglarized again; police capture Dallas man Duncan Chevrolet Company was broken into late Tuesday night for the fourth time this year, but G.E. Duncan’s new burglar alarm saved the day for the second time and led to the arrest of one of the prowlers. Assistant Police Chief Robby Spangenberg heard the alarm about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday while cruising in a patrol car. When he drove toward the Chevrolet company to investigate he saw two men running away. He called Police Chief Dorman Gibbs who notified all of the law enforcement officers in the area and police departments in Mason, San Saba and Menard. Officers from all over the county began a search for the two men, but the search was called off at daylight. It was feared that the suspects had slipped by the law and made a clean getaway. But Gibbs, Spangenberg and Duncan didn’t give up, and about 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, Gibbs pulled a hurt and frightened 25-year-old man out of some shrubbery at the A.D. Turner home, 400 South Blackburn, not far from Duncan’s. In a written statement made before County Attorney Aubrey Davee, the youth admitted entering the firm. He said he and his partner had run when the alarm went off and he had tried to jump the rock wall around Turner’s yard. He had tripped over the wall and hurt himself, so he hid in the bushes where Gibbs found him. The man first told police that his name was ‘Jerry Stone.’ He said he was hitchhiking toward Brady when he met another boy who said his name was ‘Tommy.’ He said he didn’t know the other man’s last name. He said they began thumbing together, and got a ride into Brady with a man and a woman. In Brady they began walking around the town and soon came to the Duncan Chevrolet building. ‘Tommy said, ‘There’s probably some easy money in there. That’s the first time he said anything like that and I asked him what he meant. He said that places like that (Duncan’s) usually had some easy cash laying around inside,’ the man’s statement read. He then told police the two of them had walked around the back of the building without stopping and ‘Tommy’ had pulled a screwdriver out of his pocket. ‘I don’t know whether he picked it up or had it with him all the time,’ he said. ‘Tommy opened a window and went in and I followed him. We hadn’t been inside long when a bell began to ring and Tommy said ‘Let’s get out of here.’ He said he didn’t know what had happened to ‘Tommy’ after he tripped over the rock wall. Later Wednesday when officers questioned him again, he said his name was not Jerry Stone, but Gary Lee Jackson. Both he and his partner were from Dallas, and they had come to town in a 1953 black Buick. However, he still insisted he knew the other boy only by the name ‘Tommy.’ Jackson, or Stone, told police that ‘Tommy’ had told him he had broken into Duncan’s before. Gibbs said he believes ‘Tommy’ left Brady in the Buick, leaving his partner to take the blame. Entry was gained into the building by breaking out the glass in the window and opening the latch. Owner G.E. Duncan said nothing had been stolen. The burglar alarm had scared them off. Duncan Chevrolet was robbed of $469.51 last January and safecrackers did $180 worth of damage, but took no money last April. Thieves gave a newly installed burglar alarm a first try only July 20, but the prowlers were frightened off without taking anything. Charges of breaking and entering were filed Wednesday in the court of Justice of the Peace Joe Myrick. Jackson’s bond was set at $6,000. * * * Chest directors elect Geeslin as president Edward Geeslin was elected Tuesday night as president of the board of directors of the McCulloch County Community Chest. Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce office, the directors also elected Dr. J.H. Francks vice president; Mrs. Cecil Striegler, secretary; Elbert Boswell, treasurer; Roy Holliday, coordinator; and the Rev. Ervin Watson as chairman of a publicity committee which includes Bob Wilson and Ed Williams. Appointed to the Chest’s budget committee were Jamie Williamson, chairman; Don Johnson and M.M. Bradham. Geeslin succeeds Wayne Rawlings. Geeslin, Rawlings and Leon Lee will choose a campaign manager to lead this fall’s drive. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Daughter born Mr. and Mrs. Jack Womack of Brady announce the birth of a daughter at Brady Hospital Tuesday night. The little Miss tipped the scales at 5 pounds and 15 ounces. She was named Evelyn Marie. * * * Has fine peaches Carl Sofge, Richland Springs peach grower, sent in a sample of the fine fruit now in production at his place five miles north of Richland Springs. Curtis Norman, who brought in two limbs loaded with peaches, says Mr. Sofge has ‘several thousand bushels ready for harvest.’ * * * Spend week at Rochelle Mrs. Jerrell Rice and children, Jerry, Brent and Susan of Cisco, spent last week in Rochelle as guests of Mrs. Jim Mitchell while Mr. Rice attended coaching school in Dallas.

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