Council adopts balanced budget in orderly fashion

Back in action for the first time this month, the Brady City Council met Wednesday morning in Council Chambers and without any hesitation or conflict adopted the 2001-2002 fiscal year budget. City Councilman Donald Barley commented that, to his knowledge, this marks the first time ever that the budget has been completed and approved in such an orderly fashion. Within the projected $13,440,118 budget, the city has set aside $2 million for street repairs which will be offset by a 2.81 percent surcharge to be applied to all city utility bills. The item was unanimously approved on the third and final reading. Also, the ordinance amending the 2000-2001 fiscal year budget was approved on the third reading. The item was required because of the old McCulloch Electric Co-op building renovation project. The second reading of the ordinance calling to rezone Block 6, Spiller Addition from Type A’residential to Type D’Commercial district for the purpose of a beauty salon was approved by the Council. In a three-to-one vote, with Councilman Jesse McAnally voting against, the Council approved the first ordinance reading adopting the rules of the City of Brady for on-site sewage facilities (septic systems within the city limits). Councilman McAnally asked that the item be tabled until the rules could be provided to the Council; however, according to city manager Merle Taylor, the ordinance should have been adopted by the Council in 1999. Councilman McAnally commented that the city’s administrative rules concerning on-site sewage facilities don’t read as the one’s that the City is considering adopting which are state recognized rules set forth by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. Councilman Donald Barley made the motion to reform the city’s rules to what TNRCC requires and amend the ordinance to adopt the rules accordingly. In the action items, the Council agreed to enter an agreement with KSA Engineering, Inc. for engineering services at Curtis Field Airport. The engineering firm was recommended by the airport board and will complete upcoming projects at the airport. The item was approved with the stipulation that the four-year term request be withdrawn from the agreement. The Council suggested that the engineering firm’s services will be utilized on an “as needed” basis. In other business, Nick Blyshak and Chris Leifeste were approved as newest members to the City of Brady Planning and Zoning Committee. Also, John Evans, DeLaine Poe, Doris Jones, Pete McKinney, Martin Leatherwood, Mike Smith and Larry Hoelscher were recommended for appointment to the advisory committee for Brady Creek 319 Grant. The Brady Creek project was first brought to the Council in June when a resolution authorizing Mayor Clarence Friar to sign a letter of agreement between the Upper Colorado River Authority and the City of Brady for a Non-Point Source Implementation/Demonstration Grant was approved. The grant will allow for the construction of settlement ponds to catch potentially hazardous waste before it flows into the Brady Creek as runoff water. According to city manager Merle Taylor, a lot of hazardous waste (antifreeze, oil, etc.) gets washed into the streets and has the potential of contaminating Brady Creek. A settlement pond will allow a lot of the pollution to settle and aerate before it reaches Brady Creek. The project is being compared to a similar settlement pond constructed in San Angelo to benefit the Concho River. The Council approved a resolution requesting assistance for park planning from Texas Parks and Wildlife. According to Taylor, cities with a population lower than 7,500 are eligible for assistance in developing a parks plan. The resolution is a formality required before TPW lends any assistance. In a separate item concerning city parks, the Council approved a “Citizen Survey” that will inch the city one step closer to a Parks and Recreation Development Master Plan. Once complete, the survey will be published in the Brady Standard-Herald and the N Business Journal for public input. The surveys should be filled out and returned to City Hall for review. In the final action item, the Council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign a grant application for development on the north side of the airport for an industrial park. In closing, Taylor presented the Council with his city manager’s report. He commented that the swimming pool will close its doors next week, ending all summer activity at the facility. Also, he stated that Hangar C at Curtis Field Airport, the new facility for Texas AeroColor, is nearing completion and a final “walk through” for approval is expected next week.

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