Bulldog coaches ready, practices start Monday

The new Brady coaching staff held its initial orientation Wednesday morning in head coach Davy DuBose’s office when he handed out his playbook in a meeting that constituted the opening of the 2001 football season for the Brady Bulldogs. “It actually gave me the opportunity to acclimate the coaches (including the girls’ coaches); to tell them what I expected and tell them what their assignments would be,” DuBose said. The new head coach said his staff would spend the remainder of the week painting, sweeping and generally cleaning up the field house. Additional work will be completed by the end of the month. The major projects include air conditioning, carpet and new lockers. “Monday, Aug. 6 we kick off the first day of morning workouts,” the coach said. For the first time in recent years, the football players will practice from 8 a.m. until 12 noon instead of two-a-day sessions. “We will probably actually practice from 8 to 9:00 then have a rest period and meeting then workout again from about 10:30 to 12,” DuBose explained. The Bulldogs (freshmen, junior varsity and varsity) will continue morning practices through Friday with the weight room being open in the evenings. The first day of contact will be Friday, Aug. 10 with a Black and Gold scrimmage set for Saturday, Aug. 11. The following week will continue with morning sessions. The first controlled scrimmage will be at San Saba on Saturday, Aug. 18, starting at 9:30 a.m. with all three high school teams competing. Morning practices will also include morning workouts and the second scrimmage session will be in Comfort at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 23. The coaches will be in in-service during the week of Aug. 27 with afternoon practices as the freshmen and junior varsity open the grid season on Thursday, Aug. 30 in Coleman. The Bulldog varsity will host the Bluecats in the season opener in Bulldog Stadium on Friday, Aug. 31. The junior high teams were scheduled to open the season the following week, but since school doesn’t start in Brady until Tuesday, Sept. 4, and junior high practices cannot begin until school begins, the Sept. 6 games with Mason were cancelled. “We tried to get the UIL to allow us to begin practice a week earlier but we were turned down, due to the league’s restrictions,” DuBose said. He added that he hoped to make up that cancellation with a game during the open day in the schedule on Sept. 20. When DuBose was asked about his football philosophy, the veteran coach said his teams will run a multi-set formation on offense. And it will dictate what the defense does by moving around the wideouts. “We also want our quarterbacks to call up to 50 percent of the plays on the field. We may not get that accomplished until the latter part of the season, however, if not next season,” he said. Other things DuBose promised about his teams: ‘”We will mix the run and pass. First down is a great passing down. Some games we’ll just grind it out.” ‘”The offense will be consistent from varsity through the 7th grade.” ‘”Defensively, we will stress fundamental tackling. Defensive coordinator Todd Bandy is also our linebacker coach and he’ll see that we practice tackling every workout.” ‘”We will run a lot of stunts. Most of them will be automatics, determined during the week prior to the game.” ‘”Players will have to be intelligent in this system. We’ll have a lot of team meetings. We’ll make 14-15 tapes weekly for the players, and they will study their opponents. Our coaches have to be good teachers on the field as well as in the classroom.” ‘”On Fridays our players will not go home after school. They will be attending meetings up until going on the field, and we’ll have a pre-game meal in the field house.” DuBose said that “focus” is the key word in his system. “We will watch videos five days a week. They will be an advantage for us,” he said. “But tackling is the only way to keep the other team out of the end zone.” The coach announced that he will have 15 seniors returning this season. “We may have more, but that’s about the number. We lost one of our top returning seniors when Jacob Allred and his family moved back to Austin. He will return to his old team at Bowie,” he said. DuBose also added that he will carry between 35 and 40 players on the varsity team. The varsity will scrimmage the varsity in practice, and the JV will practice against their own. “They JV will be its own team this season,” he said.

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