Mosier lobbying state agencies for support of local economic project

With state and federal grants on his mind, Brady airport manger Joe Mosier traveled to Austin last Wednesday for a full day of presentations with numerous state and federal officials. Accompanied by a group of Brady businessmen as well as Rick and Darlene Carthan, Mosier began his list of meetings Wednesday morning. Meetings with State Representative Suzanna Gratia-Hupp and Michael Gregg of Senator Troy Fraser’s office produced vocal support of the effort to recruit Carthan Aviation to Brady. “I gave them a one-hour presentation explaining the total project and all of the jobs it would create,” said Mosier. “They gave us a verbal commitment to write letters and provide direct support to help in any way.” In a meeting with the Economic Development Administration, Regional Director Pedro Garza, two engineers and a finance director, all thoroughly scrutinized the plan as presented by Mosier. After an intense question and answer session, Garza gave Mosier a pre-application for a $1.8 million federal grant. The pre-application is the first in a two-step application process that could provide a 70/30 grant where the 30 percent of the City’s obligation could even be met by state grant funds. “It is entirely possible if we do this right, that the Texas Workforce Commission will come up with the 30 percent matching requirement and the City will not have to put up any money on this particular grant,” said Mosier. “This $1.8 million grant will specifically be designed to do the asphalt, apron and infrastructure of the hangars.” David Culbertson, project engineer for this region within the EDA, informed Mosier of the timing necessary for the grant. If proper paperwork is submitted on a timely basis, it is conceivable that this particular grant could be available by November. Since the trip to Austin on Wednesday, Mosier has been in contact with various state agency leaders including those from the Texas Aerospace Commission and TxDOT Aviation Division. “This project is a moving target,” said Mosier. “We have made the initial presentations to get the interest going and now we have to put words onto paper. This is a working partnership between state, federal and local entities to try and make something very positive happen for this community. Right now it is just a matter of getting all of the particulars ironed out from both Carthan Aviation’s side as well as from the funding side.” The Brady City Council will act Wednesday during their first meeting in August whether to submit the application to the EDA. From there, approval and engineering could be completed in time for a Nov. 1 start date.

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