Gwen’s Golfin’ Gab

This week I will begin my column by making few corrections. Last week I made a few mistakes I must correct. First of all it was Jack Gartman that made the hole-in-one not Jack Roberts. Sorry Jack Roberts. Maybe you will be the next one. Also, David Graves made his hole-in-one during the Chamber Duffers Tournament not the Couples tournament. Now that that is taken care of I will go on to the Hully Gully that was held last Thursday. There were eight four-person teams and one five-person team. Scores ranged from a salty 26 to 33. The first place team that is still bragging about a 26 score was Abel Ledezma, Clay Jones, Ben Rubio and Dannye Calley. Congratulations to each of you, that is a very good score! The second place team with another good score of 27 was Raymond Rubio, Mike Rogers, Dan Summers and Kathy Powell. Great job to each of you as well. The third place team with a 28 score was James Torres, Mario Mata, Swede Carlson and Roy Short. Every one on each of these teams is to be commended for their great efforts in the scores. Along with these good scores there was a 29 that was posted by the Mark Jones team. The team consisted of Mark, David Brown, David Graves and Bobby Williams. Along with these scores there was three 31s, one 32 and one 33. Hope to see each of you out for the Thursday Hully Gully this week. The Club Championship is to begin on Aug. 1. I hope you have signed up to play. Interest has not been too good this year. If you didn’t sign up you will be missing out on a good time. If you are interested in knowing how the point standings are you can find them posted in the Golf Shop. August is to be a rather quiet month. The Club Championship will be going on all month long and on Thursdays there will be the regular Hully Gullys. On Sunday Aug. 12, there will be the regular 18-hole Hully Gully. Aug. 25 will be the Cowboy-Rodeo Sponsor Tournament. If you have questions about this one just call the Golf Shop and we will help you out. The number to call for signing up for Hully Gullys is 597-6010. Just be sure to call on Thursday by 4:30 p.m. to get signed up to play. That about does is for this week! Hope to see you out at the course real soon.

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