Council to consider grant application

The first formal steps in procuring state and federal grants to assist in developing the Curtis Field Airport into an industrial park will come before the council in Wednesday’s monthly meeting. On the agenda as an action item, the council will consider and act on a resolution that will authorize the mayor to sign a grant application for development of the north side of Curtis Field. The application is actually a pre-application to the Economic Development Agency that will put Brady in search of a $1.7 million grant. If awarded, the 70/30 grant will be used to help construct hangars that will house an airplane repair and maintenance facility. In a related item, the Council will act on hiring an engineering firm, KSA Engineering, to perform services at Curtis Field. Two committee appointments will also be considered during the meeting. One will appoint members to the Planning and Zoning Committee and the other will appoint members to the Advisory Committee for Brady Creek 319 Grant. Other items on the agenda will have the Council considering a Parks and Recreation Development Master Plan “Citizen Survey” in addition to requesting park planning assistance. Two ordinances will be read for the third and final time. One amending the 2000-2001 budget to pay for renovations to the old McCulloch Electric Building as it is made into the new law enforcement center. The other will finalize the adoption of the 2001-2002 fiscal year budget. Two other ordinances on the agenda will be read, one rezoning 106 E. 16th Street to “D” commercial and there will be a public hearing and comment session regarding the proposed on-site sewage facility ordinance.

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