Cornyn assures Brady seniors of war on crime

State Attorney General John Cornyn made a special visit to Brady last week as he met with local law enforcement and senior citizens in a roundtable discussion. Focusing on how to protect seniors against consumer scams, Cornyn met with Bradyites at the Sunset Center where they discussed many issues concerning a large portion of Brady’s population. Speaking in support of area law enforcement officers, Cornyn urged seniors to question often and not to be afraid to come forward if they feel they have been scammed. “A lot of elderly citizens have a great sense of pride and don’t want to admit or make a claim that they have been taken advantage of by a fraud scam,” said Cornyn. “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” On the local level, Police Chief John Stewart addressed the audience and spoke of telemarketing scams that have targeted elderly persons in the area. From both the Attorney General and local law enforcement, the message to those in attendance was clear’be cautious of any type of promise that seems too good to be true. For any information or questions on a local level, citizens are urged to contact the police department at 597-2121. For more information on protecting senior Texans, pamphlets and brochures may be obtained from the AG’s office (800) 252-8011.

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