Remembering the shopping place in Brady

During the Depression and in the early 1940s when we didn’t have any money, we still had many choices of business places to shop in Brady. For boots, you could get shopmade boots at Leddy’s, H.P.C. Evers, Brown Brothers or Underwood Brothers. For men’s and boys’ clothes, there were J.C. Penney, The Fair, Wilensky’s, Rosenberg’s, The Tog-gery, W.I. Myers, Adkins & Deaton’s and for suits, most barber shops would order one for you. For groceries there were many including Safeway, Piggly Wiggly, Appleton’s, Hillard’s, Northside, Red & White, McShan’s on the northside, Ellison’s Grocery and Station, Gilbreath’s, Todd’s, N&M, Key’s and two or three others on the Old Mason Road. The many cafes were Famous Waffle Shop, Brady Hotel, Jordan & Moore’s, the Bus Station, E.P. Kelso’s, Underwood’s, Pig Stand, Ham’s All Night Cafe, Stanton’s, Riverside Hotel, Myers, Club Cafe, Post Office Cafe, Rockway, Davis House, Jack and Moes, Roman’s and Gutierrez Mexican Foods. Most drug stores also had fountain service and food. These were Rudder’s, Central, City, Skaggs, and Gober’s. There were lots of barber shops: Polk’s, Turner’s, Pankey’s, Frost’s, Darley’s, Smith’s, Doc Taylor’s, Johnson and Mitchell. Most of the barber shops had a shoeshine stand. In about 1935 around the square would be 10 or more small boys with a shoeshine box and would shine your shoes for a nickel. I was usually barefooted or had on tennis shoes so I didn’t need a shine, just washing. The public library was above the fire station. We only bought second hand furniture, but Lee Adams had a big furniture store and Broad’s sold furniture, sporting goods, tractors and pickups. I bought my first piece of jewelry from Malone’s Jewelry Store and later Threadgill’s, Kelso’s and Barron’s. We went to Brady every Saturday and spent the day and sometimes late into the night. A lot of stores stayed open until 10 p.m. If we left early enough, we always stopped in the summer time and bought 25 pounds of ice from Mayhew and Jordan ice house. Kept it wrapped in a quilt until it melted.

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