Senior trips: some were for, others against

They were discussing senior trips a while back. Some were for and some were against. I believe they will be cancelled in a few years. The trips started back when most of us had never been out of the county. In 1939 my sister, June Rice, was in the 7th grade, and they took trips then since they were going into high school. The 11th grade was the senior year, and therefore the 8th grade was their freshman year. They asked my mother and daddy to go and help drive and sponsor them. I was in the 2nd grade, and they let me go. We went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. We camped on the side of the road, slept on cots and cooked out. I remember the first day we went as far as Van Horn. Some of the class members that I recall were H.F. Byrd, James Allen, Janell Barrow, Jack Harp, Bruce Blavelt, Ruth Cottle, Betty Knight, Dean Jordan, J.H. Hufstutler, Ralph Neal, Glenn Smith, Boyd Turner, Nelda Williams and Gordon Yates. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Terry were the sponsors. I think Brady’s last senior trip to Carlsbad Caverns was in about 1946 when Jackie Gartman’s class went and took a few things from the stores that didn’t belong to them. My senior class of 1948 went to Corpus Christi which seemed like a million miles away. Most of us had never been farther than San Antonio. The class members were Jimmy Stewart, John Burk, Wilma Barclay, Juanita Cunningham, Ann Johnson, Edna Littlefield, Junior McCartney, Joyce Massey, Ben Morrison, Nelda Vick, Fay Weatherman, Also, Elmer Roper, Billy D. Moseley, Charles Engdahl, Pat Squires, Bill Hall, Bill McDavid, Juanita Brown, Jimmie Gossett, Curtis Jones, Geneva Nowlin, Rob Williams, Helen Haywood, Betty Parrish and Jane Woodford. I am sure if they had searched us, that would have ended the senior trip for Rochelle. One class got as far as Fredericks-burg, and they brought them back home before noon. Today they have the Project Graduation which we didn’t have.

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