Gwan’s Golfin’ Gab

The only thing going on out here at the golf course this past week was the regular Thursday Hully Gully. There were 32 people out to play on Thursday and teams consisted of eight four-person teams. Scores ranged from 28 to 32 which was very close. The winning team was Ray Hawkins’ team with a 28 score posted. The team consisted of Ray, Swede Carlson, Benito Rubio and Lina Cruz. Great job you guys and lady! The second place team was David Graves’ team with a 29. The team was made up of David, Charlie Bush, Johnny Poe and Jamye Graves. However there were three other scores of 29 turned in and the score card calculations went to the Graves team for second and third place went to the Jack Roberts team also with a 29. Third place team was Jack, Brad Childs, Peanut Owens and Herbert Huffman. Total scores posted were one 28, four 29s, one 30 and two 32s. This weekend was a very interesting weekend with the Rubio Family Reunion Golf Tournament. Can you imagine having a family reunion and half of the family being on the golf course playing golf’ Great idea you have Rubios! There were about 25 family members out playing and several spouses out just to ride and offer their encouragement. I could tell all of you were having a great time. We look forward to doing this again next year. Sunday started out like a typical Sunday with only a small number of people out to play early. Then about 10 o’clock Jack Gartman came in all excited from hitting his first hole-in-one. Jack and Jim Bob Roddie were playing together and they were on hole #8, Jack took out his trusty old’ number 6 iron and hit it pure and sweet right at the hole. The golf ball hit in front of the green and rolled up the grade and into the hole. Very exciting news and congratulations to you Jack! I just hope that is the first of many for you! Okay, now for the weird thing about the hole-in-one’s that have been made here in the last two months-everyone that has made a hole-in-one has their names starting with a J!! James Price, James Torres, Jeff Hurta, and now Jack Roberts! So maybe if your name starts with a J you will be the next one to have a hole-in-one! Wait a minute I forgot David Graves had a hole-in-one during the Couples Tournament. The next scheduled Hully Gully will be on Thursday July 26 and I encourage you to sign up and play. You may sign up either in the Golf Shop or by calling 597-6010 before 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Come on out and enjoy the fun! Also remember time is running out for you to sign up for the Club Championship! Entry fee is $30 and you may pay this is the Golf Shop to be signed up for the month long tournament. Everyone will be flighted according to your skill level and flights will be posted in the Golf Shop. After your first match it is up to you to schedule a desired date and time to play your opponent. All matches will be played in the month of August. The deadline for signing up is July 27th! So come on out and let us sign you up for a whole month of fun’that is if you beat your opponent as it is single elimination. Well that about does it for this week and we hope to see you out at the course real soon!!

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