Band boosters visit Brady ‘outback’ in weekend soir’e

Nine Brady couples traveled to one of the hottest, driest, most baron places on the planet to push their survival skills to the limit. No, it wasn’t Australia, but close. Brady Lake served as the “outback” for the Brady Band Boosters’ “Survivor Dinner”. Participants bid on the chance to compete back in February during the annual Band Boosters’ radio auction. Eleven couples where scheduled for the event, two of which were unable to attend. The survivors had their chance to outwit, outlast, and outplay in four events that tested mind, body and patience. The tribes were divided by gender and the competition was fierce. The first event of the evening was designed to test the contestants ability to throw water balloons with deadly accuracy. Each tribe member had two attempts to hit a target from a distance of 25-35 yards. While many members of the male tribe seemed tempted to test their accuracy on their own spouse, they resisted for fear of being voted out of the game. The second challenge was designed to once again test accuracy, but this time it was with a fishing pole. The same rules applied as in the first event, only this time the men appeared slightly more experienced than the women. The third event was a test of memory. Pairs of fruit were divided and hidden under buckets. Each team had the chance to turn over two buckets. If they found two of the same fruit, then they could take another turn, if not then it was the other tribes turn. The fourth test was of trivial knowledge. Each survivor turned in an embarrassing fact about their spouse. The fact was read aloud, then each team would try to guess who the fact was about. The facts about the women were a little less embarrassing than the men’s, once again because of the men’s fear of being voted out of the house. After the challenges were completed, survivors were treated to a feast of barbecue brisket, chicken, pork, and deer meat, as well as many other Brady outback delicacies. After dinner the survivors tested their conversation ability by the warm glow of the lanterns. This test lasted well over an hour. Afterwards the competitors extinguished their flames, left the Brady Lake outback, and headed back to civilization. No winner was crowned during the evening, and no Harley Davidsons were promised. The women claim that they are the ultimate survivors, but the men make the same claim. The true winners may never be known, but at least this way no one had to eat bugs, unless they just stood around with their mouth open too long.

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