City officials seek support in Austin

Brady airport manager Joe Mosier accompanied by City Manager Merle Taylor, Mayor Clarence Friar and a contingent of Brady businessmen traveled to Austin Monday to lobby for state financial support of a business relocation. As reported in last Friday’s Standard-Herald, the Brady Economic Development Committee and Mosier have been conducting preliminary discussions about the possible relocation of an aircraft refurbishment business to Brady from Oklahoma City. The purpose of the meetings Monday was to meet with various committees and departments, present a plan and ask for state funding. “We met with several different individuals and went from one meeting to another,” said Mosier. “We met with Dave Fulton with TxDOT Aviation Division, Judy Fort of the Texas Department of Agriculture, Ron Leeman from Texas Workforce Commission and Judge Moseley with the Texas Economic Development Council. As we went from meeting to meeting, we seemed to receive more and more support from the individuals we spoke with. As it stands now, everything looks very positive and we are now to the application and paperwork phase. “Several individuals have committed to seeing that our applications and the necessary paperwork get to the right place at the right time in the right fashion,” said Mosier. “I am the eternal optimist, that’s just the way I am, but things are looking good.” Mosier has also scheduled appointments next week in Austin with representatives from Suzanna-Gratia Hupp’s office, Senator Troy Fraser’s office, U.S. Rep. Chet Edward’s office as well as with members of the Federal Economic Development Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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