Timeline proposed for Round III courthouse preservation program

Texas Historical Commission (THC) courthouse committee members established a tentative timeline for Round III of the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. The proposed timeline comes on the heels of the 77th Legislature’s allotment of $50 million to continue the program for at least another two years. The grant money will be used for Texas counties to restore their historic county courthouses. The following date have been proposed for reviews and deadlines for the next two years of the Historic Courthouse Preservation Program: Sept. 14’Deadline for receipt of master plans. Oct. 31’Deadline for final approval of master plan Nov. 15’Applications due Dec. 2001’Staff and committee reviews January (date to be announced) 2002’Awarding of grants. To date, the THC has assisted in 44 county courthouse restoration and preservation projects. In Rounds I and II, the THC received 115 master plans, the first step required in the assistance process. Of those 115, 93 were approved. The 115 plans identified $478 million worth of work that needed to be done. The Shackelford County Courthouse in Albany is the first to be restored through the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program and was rededicated with a gala celebration on June 30. In May 2000, the THC awarded $42.4 million to 19 counties. Last October, the THC awarded nearly $7 million to 28 counties, which was the remainder of the original appropriation from the 76th Legislature. “We’re excited with the overwhelming response the program has received throughout Texas,” said THC Architecture Division Director Stan Graves. “We have laid a strong foundation on which to build an even stronger program.” For more information, visit the THC web at www.thc.state.tx.us, or contact the THC Architecture Division at 512-463-6094.

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