I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in this county

I think of some of the oddest things and/or funny things that I have seen in McCulloch County. I watched the older men play dominoes under the tree behind Shaffer’s Gulf Station in Rochelle. Some of the regular players were Harve Whitaker, Dick Jones, Jim Segrest and Earl Alford. I listened to W. Lee O’Daniels making a speech when he was running for governor. It was in front of the T.P. filling station. I listened to Ernest Tubbs sing in Brady when he was working for Western Mattress factory in San Angelo. In 1943 I would go out east of Brady and watch them march German POWs when they got off the train and were heading to the prison camp. I was 13 and some of them looked that young. We would yell, “Heil, Hitler.” I saw Tom Mix, the western movie star, at a circus in Brady about 1936. I saw a giant in Brady in front of a store where Perry Bros. used to be. He was about 7-foot, 6-inches tall and his shoes looked like row boats. I saw Bonnie and Clyde Barrows old Ford car, full of bullet holes, in it in front of Homer Duncum’s Tire Store. I saw a two-man Jap submarine in front of the Famous Waffle Shop about 1944. I never missed a drawing on the square in Brady for prizes. One time they drew for a 1935 Chevrolet, black with yellow wheels. The best football player I ever saw was about 1946 when Brady Dunbar played Odessa. Puddin’ Jones, who worked for Homer Duncum, was big, fast and tough. After he scored about five times, he would take off his helmet and run right up the middle for many more touchdowns. Brady Dunbar won by a large score. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in McCulloch County, but a lot more good things.

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