Gwan’s Golfin’ Gab

As you are all aware we haven’t had rain yet and it is very dry. But in spite of the dry conditions and the heat the golfers are still coming from near and far to play a round of golf. I m a little behind on my news but I’ll try to inform you of all the latest happenings. The Sunday, July 8 Hully-Gully was a full field with eight five-person teams and one six-person team. First place went to James Torres and his team with a score of 53. Players were James, Vic Cruz, Abel Ledezma, Herbert Huffman and Denise Nichols. Congratulations to each of you on a very salty score. Second and third places were a tie with a score of 57. The teams consisted of Raymond Rubio, Raymon Ledezma, Vince Jackson, Red McFarland and Liz Rudder on one team, and Brad Childs, Michael Childs, Abel Muniz, Wayne Rawlings and Karen Slocum on the other team. Very good scores you guys and ladies! Scores for the Hully-Gully were from 53 to 64 with one 53, two 57’s, two 58’s, two 60’s, one 61 and one 64 being posted. The Wednesday evening of golf for the ladies brought out only 15 ladies. I suppose the heat had something to do with the small number that played. The winning team was Denise Nichols, Pam Speer, and Lynette Blankenship with a score of 32. Second place went to Kathy Powell, Jamye Graves, Mae Journeay and Joy Millsap with a score of 35. Other scores were 37 and 39. Come back often ladies and play as often as you want to. The Thursday Hully-Gully on July 12 only had seven 4 person teams. The heat once again had a big factor in people not coming out; however, those that did play had very close scores that ranged from 29 to 32. There were two 29s, three 31s and two 32 scores posted. But after all the tabulations were finished the winning team with a 29 was Curtis Copeland, David Brown, Joe Carrigar and Bobbie Williams. Second place with a 29 went to Raymond Rubio, Vince Jackson, Mario Mata and Kathy Powell. Third place was a tie between James Torres Benton Franklin, Wayne Rawlings, and Herbert Huffman as one team and Abel Ledezma, Vic Cruz, Red McFarland, and Doug Roberts as the other team both with a 31 score. The next Hully-Gully will be Thursday July 19 and for you to sign up either go by the Golf Shop or call 597-6010 before 4:30 on Thursday. Hope to see you out supporting the Heart of Texas Golf Association. On Tuesday, July 10 we had a youth tournament put on by Steve Alexander with the West Texas Junior Champions Tour. There were 52 young people that embarked upon the golf course at 8 am. They all had their work cut out for them as the day progressed as the temperature reached 102. But in spite of the heat they had a good time and we thank Steve for picking our course as a place for the area youth to come and play golf and have a good time. Thank you to our home town youth that participated and represented Brady in such a fine upstanding way! The Annual Club Championship will be played in the month of August. You may get your signup sheets in the Golf Shop! Remember you must be a member of the Heart of Texas Golf Association and you have until July 27 to sign up and pay your $30 entry. Call the Golf Shop at 597-6010 for more information. That is about it for this week! We just look forward to having you come out and play some golf on our course!

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