Brady 7-on-7 team ends season with win at Burnet

The Brady 7-on-7 football team wrapped up its short summer season last week with a first place victory at the Burnet tournament. The seasson began on June 2 and ended July 10. As a modified version of high school football, the game is played on a 45-yard-long field. The only attire required for play includes a jersey, shorts, and a pair of cleats. There is no physical contact, except for one-handed tagging and all plays must be pass plays. Once the ball is snapped into play, the quarterback has four seconds to pass the ball. If he exceeds the time limit, the play is allowed to continue, but no gain of yards will be counted (including touchdowns) and a down will be used. An offensive advancement of 15 yards is required for a first down amd the offense has three downs in which to do this. The four down territory occurs only after the offense proceeds to or inside the 30 yard line. Touchdowns are worth six points, point after touchdown (PAT) attempts from the three-yard line are worth one point, and two points for an attempt from the ten-yard line. “We had a very good season,” said coach Andy McBee. “They took home first place at two of the four open-entry tournaments that they competed in, and they placed fourth in the other two.” The team also competed in a league that held tournaments every Saturday in Abilene and San Angelo. Two qualifying tournaments for that league were held in San Angelo and Abilene. The Brady team advanced to the finals in the San Angelo tournament, but was defeated by Big Spring, who went on to be tournament champs. The winners will compete at the state tournament in College Station on July 20-21. “We were a very young team,” explained McBee, “next year we will be better, if not as good.” Team members are as follow: Zach Brown, Tommy Langseth, Jeremy Shields, Channing Booker, C.J. Villegas, Blake Raybion, Paden Behrens, Lance Owens, Carter McBee, Clifton Tally, Julio Ugalde, Chris Airheart, Blake Andrews, Samuel Torres, Johnny Menefield, and Cooper Bagheri.

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