100 attend Lohn family reunion

William Fredrick and Louisa Harriet Kaiser Lohn came to this valley in 1879 and helped settle the area with their name being chosen for the settlement. Some of their many descendants returned to Lohn on Saturday, June 30 for a family reunion. Ann Walker and Shirley Ellis from the Fullagar family hosted this year’s reunion with 100 persons in attendance. The tables were decorated with a patriotic theme, white cloths, blue and red streamers and plants with small American flags. Following a catered catfish lunch, a talented musical group of five, led by Andy Patterson from Lubbock, great-great grandson of Annie Lohn Wade, entertained the reunion cousins with a delightful program of music. It was enjoyed so much they were asked to return to Lohn for the next reunion. The youngest person there was from the Ovid Lohn family. Aaron Shell, age five months, son of Burnice and Jeanette Shell from Waco, received a bird house with a baby bird sitting in the door. Sue Edwards Lohn, widow of W.E. (Beekie) Lohn, was honored as the oldest present’at age 87. She too received a bird house, a store front. Another bird house went to Sue’s sister, Jo Nell Edwards Rook and her husband, Olas, who came from California’the greatest distance of anyone coming to the reunion. Jane and Clarence Lohn from Abilene took a feeder birdhouse home as the door prize. The majority of people at Lohn for the reunion did not grow up here’members of the Wade family. Not everyone has the good fortune to live at Lohn and attend school here. The oldest person, Sue Lohn did. She even was able to have a wonderful, although brief reunion with her only surviving class mate, Nadine Bates Browning. There were only four graduates that year in 1932. Along with Sue and Nadine, they were John Guyton and Jessie Bob Ryan. Sue recalls walking across the stage at the tabernacle 69 years ago very clearly. Members of the Annie Lohn Wade family attending were Edmund and Sandra Wade of Zephyr; C.W. and Billie Stephenson of Tuscola, Charley and Adreinna Sparks, Lake Charles, La.; Fred and Jean Sparks Miller from Bryan; Dalton Hardin, Peggy, Ashley and Kayleigh from Eastland; Darrell and Sherry Rains from Ballinger; Joan and Curtis Murray from Arlington; Julia and Dalton Hardin from Knox City; Nuell Bruton from Houston; Gladys Shaw, Andy and Jane Patterson from Abilene; Jan Rains, Jason and Erin Cromleigh from Lockhart; Max Shaw from Dennison; Curtis Shaw from Lewisville; Deborah Osteen from Eastland; Mike, Joyce and David Wade from Uvalde, Jerry and Suzanne Rains, Camille and Daniel from Thorndale, Joseph W. and Janice Wade from Zephyr, Phillip and Amy Patterson from Bedford, Andy J. and Kathy Patterson from Lubbock, Michael Patterson from Haltom City, and Pam Rakes from Houston. Descendants from the Ovin Lohn family attending were Clarence and Jane Lohn and Rama Huie from Abilene; Mickey Huie Bloede and Vic Bloede from Dallas; Burnice and Jeanette Shell, Joshua, Stephen and Aaron from Waco; Barry and Lila Bivens and Trixie from Brady; and Fay Lohn from Atascoa. From the Marion Lohn family were Tamara Tucker from Pasadena and Annie Laurie Ludwick from Brady. From the William E. Lohn family were Cecil and Dot Lohn from Richmond, Greg and Becky Lohn, Susan and Carl from Rochelle, Edith Huie Jones from Brady; Larry Lohn from San Marcos, John and Jerri Huie from San Angelo; Sue Edwards Lohn, Jerrilyn Lohn, Roy and Bill from Kerrville, Tracy Alston and Riley Alston from Rockdale; Jimmy Marshall, William T. (Kokie) Lohn and Eunice Day from Lohn; Jo Nell and Olas Rook from Downey, Calif.; and special adoptees, Allan and Joan Lohn from Homewood, Ill. From the Mary Elizabeth Lohn Fullagar family were Harold and Alvarie Shaver Taylor from Georgetown; Shirley Fullagar Ellis from Austin; Robert and Kay Alexander from Dallas; Mary Lee Fullagar Littlepage from Tahoka; Jean Ann Littlepage Spence from Slaton; Patti Fullagar and Fred Williams from College Station; Sterling and Gwen Fullagar, Mike and Mikki Fullagar and Mandie from Brady; Jim Ross, Beth and Katie, Larry and Ann Walker from Lohn. The family will meet next year in June with the Fullagar girls, Ann and Shirley being persuaded to host the affair again. The 100 attendees enjoyed the Tabernacle and park area so much and felt that their ancestors, William Frederick and Louisa Lohn would be very proud. Martha Hemphill of Pear Valley took a two-week vacation recently joining a group tour to Switzerland for eight days. The group of 36, mostly from Brady, left on June 12 and returned on June 20. Different modes of transportation were bus, train, cog train, cable car and airplane which they changed 58 different times during the entire tour. The weather was a pleasant 60 to 80 degrees with a few rainy evenings. Beautiful flowers were everywhere and everything was very green, a most pleasant sight for Central Texans who are accustomed to drought conditions. Food was somewhat different. Duck and beef knuckle, but martha said it was good. The group went to Mount Eiger where they saw an ice palace carved out of ice. They rode a cable car over the snow which capped the mountains overlooking their hotel at the small village of Wengen. They shopped in the old cities of Lucerne and Zurich before leaving for their 11-hour flight to Houston. Since the Fourth of July fell on Wednesday, visitors came on the weekend. Margaret Bloomer had company on Friday when Scott and Kristi Bloomer, Amanda and Ahsley came from Dallas. Prior to their visit, Jack and Linda Bloomer were here from San Antonio. Imogene and Lavon Hutton were here also. Buddy, Wilson and Lowell all checked in by phone. Ann Walker drove to Austin on Sunday (last) to meet family members who were unable to attend the Lohn reunion. Len Fullagar, Joan Quillen and several younger members of those families met at Brad and Shirley’s lake home for a short visit.

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