Lots of Bills or Billys grew up in Rochelle

People’s names have always been amazing to me. Seems like most people were called by their full name, such as, my name, Kenneth James. I have never been called that, or girls’ names like Velma Louise. They usually took off one of those names and only were called by one. The Segrest boys and girls from Rochelle always seemed interesting in that their names all rhymed. The two oldest boys were Odell and Excell. And the girls were Zora Mae and Johnny Faye. The younger boys were Herman Dayton and Jayton Bacon. I could always tell by the sound of my parent’s voice if they were in a good mood when they called me. If they ever said, “Young man, you’re getting too big for your britches,” I knew I was in trouble. I don’t think anyone likes to be called, “Hey, you,” or “come here.” I always was careful in calling students by their first name when teaching school. Sometimes when I met someone and didn’t really understand their name, I would ask them to spell it. I wasn’t like the preacher who said he used a trick in remembering names. If he wasn’t sure, he would ask them if their name was spelled with an “I” or an “E.” One time the elderly lady said. . .”an I, plain ol’ Hill.” In thinking back of the names of Rochelle students in the past probably “Bill” or “Billy” would be the name most used. Such as Bill Moseley, Bill McDonald, Billy J. Neal, Bill Crew, Bill Davenport, Billy Cooper, Billy Engdahl, Billy Barber, Billy D. Moseley, Bill Hall, Bill McDavid, Also, Billy D. Wright, Bill Barker, Billy McBee, Bill Banks, Billy Mohr, Bill Long, Billy McDonald, Bill Kelley, Billy Waddill, Billy Jeffrey, Bill Zapata, Bill Mooring, Bill Sellman, Bill Sneed, Bill Price, Monty Bill Price, Bill Bratton,Billy Finn, Billy B. Wills. Six girls were named Bill’Billie Pool, Billy F. Mitchell, Billy Waddill, Billy Scoggins, Billy Townsend, and my mother, Bill Mitchell.

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