Only Ike’s signature needed now on lake loan

July 5-8, 1960 Loan funds for Brady’s municipal lake on Brady Creek were passed by Congress Saturday night in the closing hours before adjournment. All the bill needs now is the signature of President Eisenhower, and he has promised to okay it sometime this week. The action in Congress came as a wonderful surprise for Brady’s Water Committee. Mayor R.M. Priesmeyer and C.P. Rockwell had returned only last Thursday from Washington resigned to the fact of having to wait until August for the money. “We’re over the main hurdle. There are a few little things to be done yet before we can call an election, but there are no more major problems, just a few minor ones that will take time to work out,” the committee said. “We’ll keep everybody informed.” The appropriations bill specifically earmarks $1,570,000 in loan funds for the Brady lake project, a further unexpected development. Previous plans were to make the funds simply available to any of the 11 major watersheds in the U.S., of which Brady Creek is a part. The Brady provision, and one given an additional $5 million for the Amistad Diablo Dam at Del Rio, were written into the bill on the Senate flour Friday and then passed by the House Saturday. Congressman O.C. Fisher, excited and pleased, called the Brady Water Committee Saturday afternoon to report that the House had passed the measure. “We got Diablo and Brady, too, all in one year!” Mr. Fisher said happily. The Diablo dam also is in Fisher’s district. “Senator Johnson really went all out to get it for us,” he told the Brady committee. “You just can’t say too much for what he has done for you.” The City of Brady, after an election by the people, will be able to borrow the money through the Farmers Home Administration at a low interest rate, although $1,570,000 “is more than we will need,” the Water Committee said. The project’s cost now is estimated at $2,390,000, although the Water Committee is still working to get that figure lowered. “The cost is expected to be under that total. At least, the engineers say that it will not be above it.” Of the total, $850,000 will be paid by the Soil Conservation Service for the flood control benefits the dam will provide. The $850,000 is the cost of seven proposed SCS structures (small detention dams) in the watershed which will be replaced by the bigger Brady dam. The seven structures would have provided 29,000 acre feet of flood storage. The Brady dam, however, will give 60,000 acre feet of flood storage at the same cost of SCS. The first of its kind, the Brady lake also “will belong to us, not to the federal government. The City of Brady will build it, own it and operate it,” as the Water Committee points out. “No other dam of this size has ever been built without the federal government controlling it from now on.” The Water Committee (Leo Oates, C.P. Rockwell and John Sloane) had completely given up hope of getting the loan funds appropriated until Congress reconvenes after the national conventions. “We want to thank the hundreds of people who made it possible. Many people in this town and in this area gave their money and their time on this project. “There isn’t anything now that can’t be worked out. The figures may be changed, but when it’s all definite the public will have all its questions answered.” * * * Pretty college coed reigns as Jubilee Queen Anita Young, pretty and popular, was presented Friday night as “Miss Heart O’ Texas of 1960,” to reign over the July Jubilee activities. Nineteen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Young of Brady, she is a 1959 graduate of Brady High School and attended Baylor University this year. Next fall she will enroll at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. On a stage in Bulldog Stadium decorated with flying Texas and U.S. Flags, 27 girls were introduced by Rep. Terry Townsend as “delegates to a national political convention.” The girls were dressed in white formals with the red-white-and-blue ribbon of a diplomat pinned from their shoulders to their waists. The out-of-town judges called back six finalists: Anita, Linda Bradham, Carlene Brown, Glenda Cornelius, Glenda Johnson of Lohn and Brenda Schaeg. To let the judges hear the girls speak, Townsend interviewed each girl as she made her entrance. On stage also was the 1959 Miss Heart O’ Texas, Ann Cates. After receiving the judges’ final choice, Ann moved behind the six finalists and then placed the Jubilee tiara on the winner’s head. Anita could hardly believe it. She threw up her hands and her mouth fell open, and the crowd laughed and applauded. Ann hugged Anita and then tried to pin on a long “Miss Heart O’ Texas” ribbon but got it upside down. “We’re not really nervous down here,” Townsend commented to the crowd. Then he added, “I give you Miss Heart O’ Texas of Nineteen-Sixty-NINE!” The crowd laughed, and Townsend realized what he had said. He shrugged his shoulders: Oh, well. Anita was escorted Friday night by A&M sophomore Johnny Moran. * * * Mrs. Waldrep dies in wreck Mrs. A.P. Waldrep, 50, of Melvin was fatally injured when her car hit a bridge abutment about a mile east of Melvin on U.S. Hwy. 87 about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. She was alone and returning to Melvin after picking up her watch which she had left in Brady for repairs. Mrs. Waldrep was the wife of the president of the First National Bank of Melvin and had lived in Melvin about 35 years. She was prominent in Baptist Church activities there. Friends said Mrs. Waldrep was subject to fainting spells and apparently fell unconscious at the wheel of her car, possibly even before she reached the Melvin cutoff, which Melvin residents ordinarily take when returning from Brady. The car traveled at least a mile past the cutoff before hitting the bridge. A group of San Angelo women told the highway patrol that they met Mrs. Waldrep’s car as it came down the highway on the wrong side. They dodged the car and it returned to the right side and then collided with the north railing of the bridge. Mrs. Waldrep’s car was demolished. The bottom was ripped out, and the engine and steering wheel were shoved back upon the back of the front seat. Mrs. Waldrep dropped down below the engine. She was dead when the ambulance arrived. The body was brought to Brady to Wilkerson Funeral Home. Mrs. Waldrep’s death marked McCulloch County’s first fatal automobile accident of the year. * * * Brady thanks Johnson, Fisher for lake work Grateful Brady officials fired off two telegrams to Washington Sunday: To Senator Lyndon Johnson: Two years ago to the day that you were guest of honor and advocated water legislation at the July Jubilee in Brady, we learned that through your leadership the Senate has provided the necessary federal assistance for Brady lake. This area will be forever grateful to you for your personal interest. Our best wishes to the next President of the United States. Please call on us if we may be of any assistance to your campaign. To Congressman O.C. Fisher: One year ago to the day that you were guest of honor at the July Jubilee in Brady and gave your support for needed water legislation, we learned that through your leadership the House has passed legislation to provide the necessary federal assistance for Brady lake. This area will be forever grateful to you, for we are aware of the time, effort and personal interest you have given Brady Lake.

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