Jubilee beauty to be chosen at big ‘political convention’

June 28-July 1, 1960 “Miss Heart O’ Texas of 1960” will be elected Friday night in a rousing “political convention” in Bulldog Stadium. That’s the theme of this year’s beauty contest, in keeping with the 1960 presidential election year. The flags will wave, and each girl will be introduced as a “delegate” from one of the 50 states, with her own “stage song” being played as she is presented. State Rep. Terry Townsend will act as “permanent chairman of the convention.” Twenty-seven girls will be competing for the title, and the final decision will be in the hands of out-of-town judges, unacquainted with any of the contestants. Mrs. B.A. Hallum, Jr. and Mrs. Ed Williams head the committee planning the “convention,” and Mrs. Joe McDonough was chairman of the committee of 16 representatives from all over the county which nominated the girls. The committee sent out 65 invitations. Jack Reams and His Combo from Waco, called the “biggest little band in the world,” will play for the show. “They’re really good,” said Jubilee manager Korky Steffens. “It’s amazing how much music they can make. They are known to local dance fans through three appearances here for the McCulloch County Dance Club in the last couple of years.” Reams, who works with the drums and trumpet, has played with Tommy Dorsey, Fred Waring and Ted Weems, and his clarinetist was with Lawrence Welk for several years. A Hammond organ also is part of the combo, and Reams’ wife is the band’s vocalist. Plus the “Miss Heart O’ Texas Contest,” Reams will play for the Jubilee dances (Saturday and Monday nights) and for all three days of the horse races. “He had an open date for the July 4th weekend and wanted to come up to Brady,” Steffens said. “And we were glad to get him.” * * * Bradyites called for federal court C.L. Bradley and A.J. Ricks, Jr., were called to Austin last week for federal court to serve on the petit jury. They were sworn in but the trial was settled out of court, although they were in Austin all last week and until Tuesday of this week. Joe Myrick was called as a witness in the Hans Sell case, which was settled out of court. Mrs. Bradley accompanied her husband to Austin. * * * Jubilee to pause for religious service Sunday “Faith and Freedom” is Rep. Terry Townsend’s topic as speaker at the Jubilee’s Community Worship Service to be held Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. at the First Methodist Church. Sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance in connection with the July 4th observance, the service has been a feature of the Jubilee since 1956. The Rev. Harry Bamberger, pastor of the First Methodist Church will give a prayer, and Dr. Albert McCulloh will read the scripture. Don Johhnson will offer the evening prayer. Special music is being arranged for the service also. * * * Brady guardsmen due rough time Brady and Santa Anna National Guardsmen, arriving in Fort Hood in cool, cloudy and moist weather, began their first session of summer camp Monday under ordinary conditions’hot and humid. The T-patchers rolled into this sprawling military desert Sunday and began immediate preparation for two weeks of Army training’which, for the most part, will be conducted in the chigger-infested field. The guardsmen, a combat support company in the gigantic 36th Division, were still shaking mud from their boots Monday, brought on by heavy rains that swept the state Sunday. Capt. Roy Muckelroy, commanding officer of the company, and the troops spent most of the day in outdoor classes. However, they moved out Tuesday for four days in the hills. The training this year, said Maj. Gen. Carl l. Phinney, division commander, will be made as realistic as possible, with the accent on warlike conditions. “We are going to strive for maximum realism throughout the encampment, our 14th since World War II,” Phinney said. Indications are that nine days will be spent in the sun-baked rocky hills. Traces of rain, which fell almost steadily for two days had virtually disappeared and the citizen-soldiers faced a tough digging-in process. * * * New thrill ride: ‘The Scrambler’ Bill Hames Shows and Rides have a new thriller at the July Jubilee at Richards Park this year. It’s called “The Scrambler,” a new sensation in carnival rides. Three seats are mounted on the ends of each of three long arms. Each seat revolves, and each set of three seats revolves and then the whole ride revolves. The dizzy riders get the illusion of running into each other. The Hames shows opened their stand at the park Thursday night and will continue through next Monday night. * * * Lake delegates return home Mayor B.M. Priesmeyer and C.P. Rockwell returned from Washington about 1 a.m. Thursday with word that an appropriation of loan money for Brady Lake probably will have to wait until August. A hearing, scheduled for Thursday was postponed, and they were advised that supplemental appropriations for all government agencies will be delayed until August, after the national conventions. Congress was attempting to adjourn this week. Agriculture Secretary Benson has requested the appropriation (for Brady project and others), and Priesmeyer and Rockwell said that agriculture department officials are very interested in seeing the dam built on Brady Creek. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Attends summer camp Krista Tetens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Tetens of Melvin, was enrolled for the first term this summer at the Heart O’ the Hills Camp for Junior Girls at Hunt., 16 miles west of Kerrville in the Guadalupe River country. * * * Guests of grandparents Windham Hurd, seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hurd of Texas City, is here visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Irvine Hurd. The family came on Father’s Day. Windham stayed, however, and will be here two more weeks. Windham has two sisters, Maryelen and Jane Ann. * * * Called to Breckenridge The Walter Bowdens were called to Breckenridge Wednesday upon the death of Mrs. Bowden’s brother-in-law, Buster Walker. * * * Patient in Brady Hospital Jackie Roddie, who has been a patient in Brady Hospital since last Thursday, is doing well and is expected to be released tomorrow. * * * Here from Austin Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Stewart and son, Jarvis, spent Saturday and Sunday here visiting friends and relatives. Former Brady residents, they are now liginv in Austin. Jarvis, however, is in the Army and is enroute to Yuma, Ariz., on a new assisgnment after being stationed in Newfoundland the last two years. * * * Visits in Brady, Fife Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lewis, Holly and Barry of Odessa, visited in Brady with Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pearce of Fife. * * * Guests of Bells Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Marshall of Houston, were weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bell. * * * Here from Houston Mrs. Mike Richards of Houston, was a guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Reynolds, over the holidays.

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