Football mag gets me all fired up for season

When Dave Campbell’s Texas Football comes out, I start getting excited thinking about the football season which is only six weeks away. I read it from cover to cover. While thumbing through, I saw some teams that it seems impossible for them to be in the classification they are in. They are schools such as Copperas Cove, being in District 13-5A. I remember when they played six-man football. Down the road just 12 miles is Killeen with two 5A schools, Killeen High and Killeen Ellison, and one 4A school, Harker Heights. Wimberley is picked to win District 26-3A (Brady’s district). Rochelle beat Wimberley about 1988 when they started playing football with only sophomores playing. We were struggling to play 11-man football at the time. The score was something like, 19-6. With Brady picked to finish fifth (next to last), Rochelle picked last and Lohn next to last, it doesn’t look too good for McCulloch County. As we have said many times, just wait until next year. The first football game I ever played in was in 1941. It was the fifth grade Rochelle team playing North Ward at Brady. We didn’t have uniforms, just blue jeans. The first game I ever coached was in 1957’Rochelle vs. Melvin Junior High. While coaching high school, the first disappointed game I ever coached was in 1959. Blanket beat us, 13-6, and they were very weak, but their coach, I. W. Switzer, always got a lot out of his teams. The happiest game I every coached was Rochelle vs. Menard, and they had us 18-6 at halftime. We won, 20-18. In 1936, I would have been afraid to go on the field against the Hornets with these guys.

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