Birthday surprises keep on coming

had a nice telephone call the other day from Margie Barnhill telling me that she and Robert were just back from a vacation trip to Europe and they missed by birthday party. So sorry. But, she said one day they were sight-seeing in Switzerland and met a couple. Robert was wearing his Brady, Texas cap and as they met this couple, the man looked at Robert’s cap and said, “Brady, Texas. I know someone from Brady’Vivian Smith. In fact she introduced my wife and me.” They visited with the couple awhile. The man was Mike McKinney. His wife was a cute little school teacher in Austin way back in the early ’70’s. Mike McKinney was a friend of Preston and Ima Smith. That is how I met him. I was glad to hear about Mike and his wife after so many years. Now you may not think this is not unusual, but my cousin, Welda Simpson, (now deceased) and I spent 50 days in Europe proper and Sweden and we never met one person, but Nancy Kowert from Fredericksburg. She was working over there and I called her and we got together. H Now, I got a birthday card from a Brady girl that I had lost. I am going to let you read her letter. When our Brady girls marry and move away, I lose them if they don’t come home often. See if you, too, have lost this cute girl. “Vivian, I’m afraid my Brady Standard-Herald’s stacked up on me during my involvement with our 45th high school class reunion held on June 16. Tonight (June 22) I’m catching up on the papers and there is this beautiful picture of you announcing that you were celebrating your 90th (unbelievable!!) birthday on June 17. I truly hope you had as great of a birthday as I did on June 16 (wasn’t that Smitty’s birthday also’). At the end of our reunion day at Bob McShan’s ranch, I was surprised with a huge sunflower-decorated cake, and the class sang “Happy Birthday” to me. I will never forget that moment. It was a joy to have Larry join us at the reunion and to meet James Stewart when he came out to take the class picture for the newspaper. You are so blessed with such a loving, caring family. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the many, many years of bringing the news to all of us. God bless you, Vivian, and Happy Birthday! Love, GAY LYNN TOWNSEND BRUTON

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