Politics as usual

Dear Editor, I have been following the events in Congress in Washington and have come to the conclusion there are some things very amiss there. They keep talking and bantering around an idea that has to do with a prescription drug benefit for the elderly which includes everyone on Medicare. This benefit will cost each person a monthly premium and only help pay for the medicines but not cover the entire cost. This seems strange to me due to the fact that my wife and I are on a program that has been if effect for nearly 15 years that we know of. The worst part of such a thing is that it will be in competition with a plan that gives these drugs free to millions of non-insured, the under-insured and those that qualify for patient assistance through PhARMA. My wife and I have been on it for 11 years and we get over ten thousand dollars worth of prescription drugs absolutely free. No small fees. No co-payments. There are nearly 50 pharmaceutical houses that do this as part of their government financed research programs. Now the Federal lawmakers want to change things and start charging the indigent populace for what they receive at no cost, for free. Also, they want to give free benefits to those that can well afford the expense for themselves. There are many physicians that still do not know about this beneficial program. Over the years, I have introduced quite a few to it and their patients now get their high cost prescription drugs free. The Federal Congressional members are not always up on the latest and some don’t care to know or find out. Did I say latest’ Something over 15 years old is definitely not the latest.

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