Mercury Community Association monthly meeting held June 2

Mercury Community Association met in regular meeting on June 2 with President, Phyllis Gilbreath, presiding. The minutes were read. Glenn Weatherman moved the minutes be approved as read; Mildred Weatherman seconded the motion which passed by uplifted hands. The question of a roll came up and Opal Deeds moved we establish a roll for the association as noted in the By-Laws. The motion was tabled for discussion at the next meeting. The definition of qualification for membership was suggested by Ron Howell as, “…anyone who supports the community association, pays dues, and attends meetings. If they miss too many meetings they would be contacted and dropped from the roll.” The Directors are William Frost, Bonnie Adams and Glenn Weatherman. Mr. Frost had told Mr. Weatherman that he was unable to attend as he cant see at night and so doesnt drive after dark. Phyllis Gilbreath will contact Mr. Frost about his role as Director. Phyllis Gilbreath appointed Glenn Weatherman, Bonnie Frost and Peggy Ross as a committee to work on the By-Laws and present them at the next meeting. The Financial Report was given and accepted. It was noted that Ethel and Roberta Watters had donated six pie servers they had purchased in Abilene after reading the newspaper report. The Secretary was instructed to send a Thank You note. Wynelle and Clyde Chesney had worked on the building. She had run the vacuum sweeper and he had checked out and worked on the lights. He reported they were old and may need replacing. (Glenn Weatherman volunteered that the lights are at least 15 years old.) New Business: Fay Knutson moved to replace the old carpet in the kitchen with a new floor – a good grade of linoleum. Peggy Ross seconded the motion. Peggy Ross and Bonnie Adams were appointed as a committee to research for prices and choose flooring and contact Phyllis Gilbreath with their information. The motion passed with uplifted hands. As there was no further business the meeting adjourned and refreshments were enjoyed by: Ron and Mary Howell, Glenn and Mildred Weatherman, Clive Mench, Eloise Ficke, Charles and Phyllis Gilbreath, Peggy Ross, Paul Tackett, Opal Deeds, Bonnie Adams and Fay Knutson. All enjoyed playing Chicken Foot or 42.

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