Horse stalls already full for July Jubilee

June 21-24, 1960 With the Jubilee still a week away, every stall already has been reserved for the horse races. This week Jubilee treasurer Charlie Darley was regretfully turning down other reservations still coming in. “This is the first time I can remember when the stalls have been filled so early. Many of the owners don’t usually show up until a few days before the races,” he said, adding the understatement: “We have enough horses for a good race meet.” At capacity the Jubilee will have 136 horses, and other horses may be able to find barns or stables around town. Out at the race track, workers are busy whitewashing the fences and repairing the seats and walkways in the grandstand. The judges’ stand also has been moved from the track up to a new roost next to the photo finish booth. It will give the judges a better view of the whole track and will be out of the way of the fans’ view of the track also. * * * Treasure key can’t be used until 1988 One of the duties of new Texas Press Association President L.B. Smith of Brady is to carry the key to the Texas Press treasure chest and pass it on to the president next year. The treasure chest buried in Dallas at the State Fair of Texas in 1938, contains copies of newspapers from all member papers of the TPA and other paraphernalia of the 1938 era. A gold, diamond studded key, made by the Arthur A. Everts Co., jewelers of Dallas, was given to the president of the Texas Press Association, and since then, 22 presidents have carried and passed on the key. The back of the key reads: “This key will be used to open the Treasure Chest of the Texas Press at the State Fair of Texas in October, 1988.” The front of the gold key is surmounted by a gold, five-point star over a silver quill pen, the symbol of journalism. Over the top point of the star is a diamond. On the front of the key are blue letters which read: “President, Texas Press Association.” At next year’s TPA convention, Smith will turn the key over to the new incoming president, who will, in turn, present it to the president-elect the following year. This sequence will continue until 1988 when the treasure chest will be opened at the State Fair. * * * Paratroop officer going to Germany Army 1st Lt. Billy N. Dikes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ramey Dikes of Brady, has just completed the airborne course and the associate infantry officers course at Ft. Benning, Ga. He received his wings as a military parachutist on May 27 and left June 9 for Ft. Dix, N.J. From there he will go to Mainz, Germany, for a three-year tour of duty with the 505th Airborne Infantry. His wife, Irene, and son, Braxton, will join him in the next few months. Lt. Dikes is a 1953 graduate of Brady High School and a 1958 graduate of the University of Texas. * * * Two Brady girls at twirling clinic Two Brady students re attending the annual High School Summer Workshop sponsored by the School of Fine Arts at Texas Christian University. They are Kathryn Leach and Pat Porter, both enrolled in the twirling clinic. Nearly 300 high school students from Texas, New Mexico and Mississippi are in attendance. Dr. Lawrence A. Hanley of the TCU music facility is general chairman of the workshop. The program is conducted each year to encourage high school musicians and speech students to continue participation in these areas during the summer, Dr. Hanley says. * * * 2 fires break out within 30 minutes Two fires within 30 minutes kept Brady volunteer firemen jumping Thursday afternoon. Electrical wiring in the attic set off a fire at the Henry Pitcox home in southeast Brady about 2:45 p.m. Thursday. The firemen quickly put out the blaze with little damage. The firemen had hardly returned to the station before the fire alarm went off again. This time it was a grass fire in “Little Mexico” on the San Angelo highway. * * * Lohn News Mr. and Mrs. Burney Bridges and children of McCamey stopped by for a weekend visit with Mr. and Mrs.. G.C. Looney as they were returning from a week’s stay at Lake Whitney. The menfolk fished n the Colorado River and their catch furnished a fish fry for Sunday dinner. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Holland and Mrs. Emma Powell. Mrs. Charlie Cooper of Ft. Worth returned home Saturday after visiting since Monday with Mrs. G.T. Gattis.

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