Gwen’s Golf Gab

As you all know the weather has been very hot and dry and it is taking its toll on the golf course! Just to think that we were so pretty and green for the Memorial Tournament and now for the couples tournament we are getting very brown out here at the course. Hopefully some time this week we can be blessed with some rain. Even thought it has been hot we still have our avid golfers that come out and play no matter what the temperature is. For this we are thankful’otherwise we would get very bored this time of year with the days being so long. The Thursday Hully Gully was a very good turn out with 46 golfers showing up to play. The scores were very good also with five 28’s, two 29’s, 30 and 32 being turned in. The winning team was Brent Raybion, Raymon Ledezma, David Her-nandez, Roy Short and Kathy Powell -with a 28 and a score card play off. The second place teams split second place with identical score cards of 28. The teams were Leroy Keese, Charlie Bush, Swede Carlson, Joe Carrigar, Gwen Bush and Doris Jones as one team. The other second place team was Clay Jones, David Graves, Abel Ledezma, Jim Dubose, Bobbie Williams and Bobby Williams. Congratulations to all who played this Thursday, as everyone played very well in this Hully Gully. Our next Hully Gully will be Thursday, June 21 at 5:30 p.m. and if you plan on playing you need to come by the Golf Shop to sign up or call 597-6010 by 4:30 on Thursday to sign up. This weekend, June 23-24, will be the couples tournament. It has been slow filling up and we still have morning tee times open Saturday. If you plan on playing in the tournament you need to come by the Golf Shop and register and pay your entry fee, which is $150 per couple. We look forward to seeing you in this tournament, as it is a lot of fun. The point system for the players in the Hully Gullys is getting quite interesting. The top 12 point leaders are Denise Nichols with 13 points, Kathy Powell with 12 points, Charlie Bush with 11 points, Tim Kilgore with 11 points, Gabe Moreno with 11 points, Peanut Owens with 11 points, Bobbie Williams with 11 points, Donald Owens with 10 points, Doug Roberts with 10 points, Wayne Rawlings with 10 points, Gabe Sanchez with 10 points and Craig Steffens with 10 points. Great job you guys and gals!! Keep up the good work! JT is staying very busy with watering the greens and trying to keep hot spots down to a minimum and also trying to control the infestation of worms that likes to invade the greens this time of the year. I must say he does a superb job as we still have great greens. He is always running around being sure they are just right for us golfers to play on. Thank you JT for your expertise in this area! We have quite a few young golfers that are still coming out to play and we are glad these young people have developed a desire to play golf. Just remember to use your golf course etiquette. And remember to fix your ball marks and divots. And come out when you can. Well, that about does it for this week! Hope to see you out at the course soon!

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