Lightning kills 75-100 people yearly in U.S.

Lightning is a serious danger, according to the National Weather Service in San Angelo. In the United States 75 to 100 people are killed annually by lightning. Lightning kills more poeple each year in the U.S. than the annual number of people killed by tornadoes or hurricanes. Lightning is the number 2 storm killer in this country. Only floods kill more, however, injuries, not deaths, are the real story. About 10 percent of those struck by lightning die. Of the survivors, the large majority suffer lifelong disabilities. Lightning also causes about $5 billion of economic loss each year in the U.S. PGA Tour golfer Rocco Mediate will join the National Weather Service director Jack Kelly to discuss general lightning safety at a press conference on Tuesday, June 19 during the Buick Classic at the Westchester Country Club in Harrison, N.Y. During the week of June 18-22, the National Weather Service office in San Angelo will issue daily public information statements highlighting lightning safety awareness. For more information on lightning, visit the local weather service online at

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