Jana Partin reigns as Miss Heart of Texas

The sparkle on her tiara was only outshined by the sparkle in her eyes as Jana Lyn Partin was crowned the 2001 Miss Heart of Texas at Saturday’s pageant. The annual pageant that is now in its 62nd year saw eight McCulloch County beauties give it their all as they donned beautiful gowns, answered tough questions in front of an audience and did their best to prove to the judges that they should be named the new Miss Heart of Texas. The daughter of Joe and Georgina Partin of Brady, Jana is a senior at Brady High School with future plans to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). She plans to major in premed and eventually become an obstetrician. Dressed in a stunning black and silver-beaded gown, her character and personality were most evident when she wowed the audience with her insightful answer to the question of what three qualities are most important in a friend. Without even the blink of an eye, she calmly and confidently gave loyalty, honesty and sincerity as her answer and backed each quality with a reason. Partin’s future queen and escort were Annie Price, daughter of Bobby and Teri Price, and Sladyn Howell, son of Bryan and Glenda Howell. First Runner-Up in this year’s pageant is Jenna Behrens, daughter of Joe and Jacque Behrens of Voca. Also a senior at Brady High School, she has future plans to attend Texas Tech University and study to become a food chemist or dietician. Active in numerous organizations including 4-H, track and cheerleading, she too performed brilliantly in front of a packed house. Dressed in a royal blue gown, she answered the stage interview question with confidence and character. In her interview, she was asked what she would change about her life if she could go back and do it over. In her reply, she stated that part of life and part of growing as a person is learning from your mistakes. She said that she loved her family and her life and she wouldn’t change a thing. Melonie Allred, the daughter of Jim and Jane Allred, and Devin Keese, the son of Darrell and Teresa Keese, were Jenna’s future queen and escort. The Second Runner-Up named in this year’s pageant is Marlena Galindo, the daughter of Pauline Galindo. Wearing a stunning white gown, she was accompanied on stage by future queen and escort Marissa Alfaro, daughter of Diana Alfaro and Joe Moreno, and Mikey Gutierrez, son of Stephanie Benavidez and Mark Gutierrez. A senior at Brady High School, Marlena plans to attend UTSA with hopes of becoming a teacher. She has had several poems published in volumes of the Poetry Guild and is very involved in her community. In her on-stage interview, she was asked the question of what would make someone want to visit our community. Her response, with no hesitation given, was the great citizens of McCulloch County and their ability to be caring individuals. The Third Runner-Up for the title of Miss Heart of Texas was Nicole Longoria, the daughter of LeeRoy and Sulema Longoria. Accompanied on stage by future queen Makenzie Schwertner, daughter of Patrick and Mauri Schwertner, and Colton Moore, son of Darron and Vicky Moore, she will serve as alternate should one of the top three girls be unable to fulfill their term as a member of the Miss Heart of Texas court. Among the other awards presented for contestants, two individuals were also recognized for their efforts in the production of the pageant. The Miss Congeniality Award was presented to Nicole Longoria while Karly Steffens won the awards for the most tickets sold and the most signature ads sold. The stage on which this year’s pageant was conducted was decorated with the theme of Egyptian royalty. A lighthearted entertainment program of Egyptian queens in drag gave the audience more than a chuckle as five men from the community took to the stage. Buster “Bustina” Williams, Richard “Risky Rhonda” Roper, Mike “Mystica” Trollinger, Steve “Sizzlin’ Stephania” DeFiore, Gabe “Jigglin’ Gabriella” Moreno and Dr. J.H. “Jammin Jamasina” Allen brought the house down with their comical antics. The annual Miss Heart of Texas Pageant is put on each year by members of the Theta Upsilon Chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. It is held each year in conjunction with the July Jubilee.

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