Teachers shuffled as new jobs added by schools

June 14-17, 1960 Four major changes in assignments of Brady school teachers will become effective next fall. Authorized by the School Board Monday night, the new assignments were confirmed with the teachers later this week. ‘Junior High School Principal A.H. (Red) Floyd was granted a request to take a new science teaching job being created at junior high. He will give up his duties as principal after 18 years. With an additional six years as a teacher before he became principal, he has 24 years of service with the Brady district. ‘High School Band Director Boyd Hunt will succeed Floyd as junior high principal but will continue as instructor for driver education. ‘Junior High Band Director Joe McDonough will fill a new post as counselor-guidance director. He will have an office at high school but will work with both junior high and high school students. ‘Mrs. John Wallin was elected to a new post as music education teacher at junior high, but will direct choral music both at junior high and at high school. Her husband, elected previously, will teach science at high school next year. “That, of course, leaves us with an opening now for a band director at high school,” Supt. C.A. Reynolds said. “And we would like to find a man who can handle both bands, at high school and at junior high.” Hunt, Reynolds, added, has done an excellent job as band director “and is deserving of a promotion.” Here seven years, Hunt and his Bulldog Band this year enjoyed their greatest success, sweeping every honor available. He, however, has wanted to get into school administration work. * * * Junior High gets new coach from Palacios Tommy Starnes is coming from Palacios’Brady High’s foe in the state AA semifinals last fall’to be coach of the Brady Junior High Lions. Starnes was elected by the school board Monday night. He will report here Aug. 15. A graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown, he worked one year in Georgetown schools before going to Palacios as B team coach two years ago. His wife is a registered nurse. They have two small boys. For the first six weeks this summer, Starnes is doing work on his master’s degree at North Texas State College. At Brady Junior High he will succeed Leonard Boys, now an assistant at Lake View High School in San Angelo. * * * Hottest yet: 104 degrees! If you felt like you were going to melt Wednesday, you had a perfect right to, according to Mrs. J.R. Cochran, the U.S. weather observer in Brady. “Wednesday was the hottest day we’ve had all year, with the temperature climbing to 104 degrees,” she said. And Tuesday wasn’t far behind: 102. Mrs. Cochran said she recorded a trace of rain “not even enough to really measure,” Tuesday night. She said about the same was recorded again at 3 a.m. Thursday. “The only measurable rainfall we’ve had in town all month was a quarter of an inch that fell the night of the 12th,” she said. * * * Cadets to visit AF Academy Three Brady Civil Air Patrol cadets, Jim Atherton, John Moran and Bruce Tucker, left Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. on the first leg of an all-expense paid trip to the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colo. The boys left Brady for Sweetwater where they will change into their CAP uniforms before being flown to the Air Academy in Air Force transport. “The whole trip, except meals which will cost each of the cadets about 35 cents each, will be paid for by the Air Force,” Tucker said. The three are scheduled to return to Brady sometime Saturday night. * * * Brady Fire Chief joins fight on blazing Concho grassland A range fire on the Gene Whitehead and Houston Callan ranches south of Eden near the Menard-Concho County line caused one Brady Fire Department truck and Brady Fire Chief Howard Salter a lot of work Wednesday. Salter answered the call about 10 a.m., but when he got to the blaze there was very little equipment on hand and they just had to wait for more help. ‘It sure made me feel good to see all the equipment that finally got there, though,’ he answered with a tired smile. Salter, who was too busy fighting the fire most of the time to notice who had sent equipment, said he was pretty sure he saw two trucks from Menard, a truck from San Angelo, two trucks from Eldorado and a water truck from Mason. ‘There were a lot of water trucks bringing water to the fire fighting units,’ he added, ‘but I didn’t notice where most of them were from.’ Reports said the fire started about 9 a.m. Wednesday. A Goodfellow Air Force Base helicopter was reportedly seen retrieving a weather balloon near the spot of the fire’s origin in the Whitehead place, touching off speculation that it inadvertently set the fire. Hot, 25-mile-per-hour winds hurt the fire fighting efforts, fanning the blaze and sending flames leaping across hastily thrown up firebreaks. But the firemen finally did get the burning grasslands under control and Salter got home Wednesday night around 7 p.m., just in time to help with a grass fire on a vacant lot here on South Blackburn. While Salter and others were battling the Whitehead-Callan fire, other firemen were busy on the other end of Concho County with still another fire. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Guests in Dikes home Recent guests in the Ramey Dikes’ home were their children and families, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Behringer and daughter, Lydia Ann of Arlington and Lt. and Mrs. Billy Dikes and Braxton, Mrs. Dikes’ town brothers and families, Milton Teague of Thatcher, Ariz, and Millard Teague and wife of Benton, Ky., also visited in their home. * * * Guests of grandparents Karen Powell and Cheryl Ivy of Bangs were recent guests in the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hargrove of Rochelle.

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