Irishman, Fr. Mulligan, is Catholic priest here

Father Colm Mulligan, a 67-year-old native of Donegal, Ireland, is on the job as the new priest at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Brady. He has been in the United States just over 10 years, spending most of that time in San Antonio. A slight, jolly Irishman, he has been in the priesthood since 1958, and he’s mighty happy to be a Brady resident. He came to the Heart of Texas “at the request of the bishop.” Until his move here last month, he was with the Order in San Antonio after being “deported” from Ireland. “It’s a pleasure to be in Brady. The people here are very, very friendly. And there’s less traffic and less rush,” he said Wednesday. “My parishioners say that I’ve already done wonders here. We are in the process of getting new bells, new carpets and new pews,” he reported. Father Mulligan (father is the customary title, he says) spent 25 years of his career in South Africa. He said he served as a hospital chaplain in San Antonio for a time and was in Zapata, a small town along the Rio Grande River between Laredo and McAllen, for two years. The priest says his hobby is gardening. When asked if that meant vegetables, he smiled and said, “Vegetables are too sensible, I prefer them out of a can.” He likes growing flowers, although he has not had the time yet to get started in Brady. Father Mulligan also loves local history. “I got that as a young child reading the local newspaper in Donegal. I’m hooked on reading,” he said.

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