Highway project nears completion

Traffic on U. S. Highway 190 West should make a transition into a steady flow next week as Reece Albert Construction crews go to work laying down the final layers of hot mix, completing the new four-lane highway that stretches from South Bridge Street to Brady Middle School on the Menard Highway. According to Kyle Moseley with the Texas Department of Transportation, local drivers as well as out-of-towners should be cautious of the construction process going on in the area and make notice of the flashing yield lights now in place. “The lights are on ‘flash’ now and won’t be switched to the regular signal until crews get all the hot mix down and get traffic flow where it needs to be,” said Moseley. The hot mix process should be completed by Friday, he said, “And they’ll probably come back and stripe the highway next week and then turn the signals to their regular mode of operation.” Construction crews will still have to complete the crosswalks at the intersection and make them ADA (American Disability Act) compatible. Then hot mix will have to be added to the driveways following that phase of the project. In the downtown area, crews will be completing wheelchair ramps around the courthouse square, making sidewalks ADA compatible. “By the end of next week that project should be in the final stages of completion as well,” said Moseley.

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