Golfers hit town for annual tourney

Summer has gotten here with a vengeance. The hot winds and 90 to 100 degree days are taking their toll on the fairways at the golf course. We were so pretty and green for longer than in the past few years, but now we are desperately needing the rains. In spite of the hot weather the golfers are still coming out in volume. Wednesday, June 6 was ladies’ eving of golf. Only 16 ladies showed up to play. There were four ladies teams, and there were two 33 scores and two 37 scores turned in. The first and second teams both scored 33, but it went to a score-card playoff and the Denise Nichols team won first place. The team consisted of Denise, Mae Journeay, Christie Huffman and Charla Carrithers. The second place team with a 33 consisted of Lynette Blankenship, Carol Moore, Dannye Calley and Cheryl Epley. Hopefully more ladies will come out for next ladies’ evening of golf which will be July 11. The Thursday Hully Gully brought out only 28 players. There were seven four person teams with scores ranging from 29 to 33. The first place team was Curtis Copeland, Johnny Jones, Gabe Sanchez and Bobbie Williams, with a score of 29. The second place team was David Graves, Peanut Owens, Gabe Moreno and Bobby Williams, with a score of 30 and a scorecard playoff. Third place team was JT Epley, Charlie Bush, Lee Williams and Rita McMillan with a score of 30. The Sunday Hully Gully was a big success with a total of 48 players. There were 12 four-person teams and scores ranged from 57 to 63. It was very warm and in spite of the heat, everyone had a good time. The winning team was Ted Epley, David Graves, Christie Huffman and Vince Jackson with a score of 57. Great job guys and gal. Second place went to Raymond Rubio, James Torres, Tony Mata and Bobby Williams with a score of 58. Third place team was Mark Jones, Charlie Bush, Gabe Sanchez and Doug Roberts with a score of 59. The Couples Tournament is less than two weeks away. If you are planning on playing, you need to come by the golf shop and fill out an entry and pay the fee. The Golf Association is taking the first 64 paid teams only. The date for the tournament is June 23-24. Grab a partner and come out and have a whole weekend of golf and fun. That is about it for this week, hope to see you out at the course soon.

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