City sales tax rebates up a healthy 13.40%

City sales tax rebates from the state jumped a healthy 13.40 percent increase over the same period last year, according to a report received Monday from State Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander. The May payment to the City of Brady totaled $55,054.69, bringing this year’s total payment to $308,826.42. Last year the City collected $48,546 and had reaped $312,511, which is a decline of 1.17 percent. The McCulloch County Hospital District received a check totalling $10,392 which is an increase of 3.04 percent. Last year’s amount was $10,086. There was a slight decline from the yearly total as well, 1.78 percent. In the year 2000, the total to date was $65,398 while this year it’s $64,233. Statewide, Texas cities and counties received $213.3 million in this month’s rebates. June payments to 1,108 Texas cities and 119 counties that impose a sales tax are up 7 percent, compared to the $199.3 million rebated in June 2000. Year-to-date sales tax rebtes are up 5.4 percent, compared to 2000. June sales tax rebates represent sales taxes collecrted in April and reported to the comptroller in May. Listed below are the monthly totals for area towns with their gains/losses compared to 2000: Ballinger $31,904 13.43% Brownwood $343,573 10.37% Burnet $91,401 10.32% Coleman $44,317 10.99% Comanche $28,906 -0.44% Eden $6,729 -1.62% Fredericksburg $205,541 12.65% Lampasas $64,568 2.02% Llano $48,152 1.63% Marble Falls $310,605 7.53% Mason $9,879 25.38% Menard $6,096 1.33% San Saba $28,375 65.50%

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