Carnival going was big time during Jubilee

This year is the 75th year for the July Jubilee in Brady. I have been there for 70 of them. When the train came through Rochelle with the Bill Haymes carnival on board, I would get excited. I could hardly wait to see if Daddy would come home and take us to the Jubilee. Usually Curtis Armour had a stand, and Arthur Wingo had a barbecue stand at the Jubilee. In the early years I would get a quarter, and it was gone in five minutes. Then I would walk around trying to find some money on the ground. I really liked to ride the Loop O Plane, the Octopus, and the Ferris Wheel. I would daydream of the day that I would be old enough to leave with the carnival and operate the big wheel. The cotton candy and hamburger stands smelled so good. The bumper cars were fun as well as the tent shows. After my money was gone, I would climb up in a big pecan tree and watch the horse races. I would beg Mother and Daddy to spend the night camping out. Many people did, but my parents always vetoed my idea. One time I had hoed weeds for Mrs. Guyton, and I got 15′ an hour. With that money I had 75′ and thought if I had another quarter, I would have a WHOLE DOLLAR to spend. Mother told me that we probably wouldn’t go to the Jubilee that night. I was so upset I stole a quarter from Mother’s purse and walked to Paul Junction and caught a ride on to town. By the time I got to the Jubilee, I was so hungry that I spent most of my money on food and drinks. I knew I’d better get home before dark so I took off jogging back to Rochelle. I got home about sundown, and Mother asked where I’d been. I said, “Just fooling around.” She said, “We have been waiting on you. We decided to go to the Jubilee tonight.” I was very excited, and when we got there she said, “I have a quarter for you.” She looked in her purse and said, “I have lost that quarter.” I felt bad. I would go back today if they still had the carnival under the big pecan trees at Richards Park.

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