Super S Foods: Feeding a hunger for reading

Super S Foods, as part of its continuing commitment of community involvement, has announced its fifth annual drive for children’s literacy by introducing a series of children’s books at its supermarkets throughout Central and South Texas. The Blue’s Clues Discovery Series is designed to get preschoolers thinking harder, feeling smarter and playing to learn. As children begin to figure out Blue’s Clues, they will discover the joys of reading and exploring. Each of the books contains a Blue’s Clues adventure and an exciting at-home activity. The first book of 18 volumes is entitled “Blue’s Cool Idea” and is now available in all Super S Foods stores at an introductory offer. “Nothing is most important to the success of a child than their ability to read and comprehend what they are reading,” John Dieterle, President of Super S Foods said. “We are delighted to participate for a fifth consecutive year in the endeavor. I can’t think of a better educational program to support than children’s literacy and we are committed to supporting education, especially the fundamental skill of reading. This summer is an ideal time for parents to become more involved in developing their young children’s reading skills and this new series of books, available at all our stores, is an excellent way to start,” he added. Super S Foods first became involved and developed its literacy programs back in 1997 when it introduced the Disney “Fun to Grow” library to its customers. In 1998, a series of Disney books entitled “Read and Grow” were made available to customers and in 1999 a library of books based on the hit Disney movie, “A Bugs Life” were featured. In 2000, Disney’s “Out and About with Pooh” was introduced. Super S Foods is a Texas family-owned and operated chain of supermarkets with stores in 46 communities throughout Central and South Texas.

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