Power, cable outage causes havoc in town

A Frito Lay truck heading northbound on Stanton Street in South Brady brought down both cable and power lines Friday evening around 9 p.m., causing a stir of confusion and complaints in Brady over the weekend. The truck was headed northbound in a residential area. The accident occurred because the street was too narrow for the 18-wheeler to successfully make a full turn, according to Brady police. A Classic Communications employee said a laser was destroyed as a result of the accident. “We are in the process of ordering the equipment needed to repair the laser and should have it fixed this week as soon as the part is received,” she explained. Classic Cable customers may experience slight difficulties with the picture during the installation process; however, the repair shouldn’t take too long to complete. While the cable connection was only out for two to three hours for the largest part of Brady, several residents closer to the area where the pole was damaged were without cable the entire weekend. According to the Classic Communications representative, as a result of the accident, those residents will be given credit on their cable bills. In addition to the cable outage, a large area of town (primarily south of 17th Street) was without electricity. Reports were made of interference to telephone communication as well. Brady Police officers Shane West and Brian McDougal assisted at the scene Friday night and cited the driver of the 18-wheeler.

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