County sends 21 to dinner for Johnson

June 14-17, 1960 McCulloch County sent a 21-man delegation to Austin Monday night to cheer for Senator Lyndon Johnson at a $50-a-plate dinner. The McCulloch delegation was topped in the 21st Congressional District only by San Angelo, which had about 30 representatives. The dinner held in Austin’s new Municipal Auditorium, was held as a fund-raising event to finance Johnson’s bid for the Democratic nomination for President. An estimated 4,000 to 5,000 attended. A reference to the expensive steak dinner brought a big laugh from the crowd. During the meal, Senator Johnson turned to House Speaker Sam Rayburn, who had his glasses on the end of his nose and was peering under the table. “What’s the matter Mister Sam,” Johnson asked. “I just dropped my potato. That’s $25 down the drain!” Rayburn smiled. Congressman Homer Thornberry of Austin acted as master of ceremonies and introduced the dignitaries, including Congressman O.C. Fisher of Brady’s 21st Congressional District. At the mention of Fisher’s name, the 21st District delegates, all seated together, rose and applauded. Four women from the Brady delegation were dressed in the uniform of the “Ladies for Lyndon” organization (red and white striped blouse and white skirts) and served as ushers for the 21st representatives at the dinner. They were Miss Nell Quain, Mrs. Albert McCulloch, Mrs. James Anderson and Mrs. B.A. Hallum, Jr. While the others returned home Monday night, McCulloch County’s official delegates to the State Democratic Convention remained in Austin for the convention which opened Tuesday. The delegates are Paul Lohn, Leo Oates and Mrs. G.H. Ricks, plus the alternates, Miss Betty Smith and John Sloane. K.O. Ellington, also an alternate, was not able to attend, and Mrs. Leo Oates was to fill in for him at the convention. Other McCulloch Countians at the dinner were G.R. White, R.M. Priesmeyer, C.P. Rockwell, H.L. Gober, Jr., Jackie Gartman, Johnny Rudder, Leslie Quain, B.C. Broad, Curtis Norman, Dr. B.A. Hallum, Jr., Ed Williams and C.D. Reed. * * * How new gas rates compare: An increase in gas rates in Brady, under an agreement reached between the City Council and Pioneer Natural Gas Company, will average about 10 percent. Here’s how the new rates will compare with the old rates under the three classes of service: GENERAL SERVICE (Domestic Business) Cubic Feet Gross Rate Per Thousand First 2,000’$1.00 $1.00 Next 10,000′ .81 .92 Next 10,000′ .65 .75 Excess’ .48 .55 Discount of five cents per thousand allowed on all gas used above minimum for payment before 10th of the month. Minimum: $2. COMMERCIAL Cubic Feet Gross Rate Per Thousand First 25,000′ .56 .63 Next 25,000′ .50 .57 Next 25,000′ .45 .50 Next 75,000′ .39 .44 Next 75,000′ .33 .38 Excess’ .28 .31 INDUSTRIAL Cubic Feet Gross Rate Per Thousand First 100,000′ .42 .47 Next 100,000′ .24 .28 Next 300,000′ .23 .26 Next 500,000′ .22 .25 Next million’ .20 .23 Next million’ .19 .21 Excess’ .18 .20 * * * 23 dogs to show skill with sheep Twenty-three dogs are entered in the Heart O’ Texas Sheep Dog Trials to be held here in the Bulldog Stadium Friday and Saturday nights. Despite the fact that Brady is deep in the sheep country, the trials are relatively new in this area. They are becoming a fast-growing sport, however. The trials are simply a competitive test of a dog’s intelligence and ability to handle sheep. Friday night’s qualifying rounds begin at 6:30 p.m., but spectators can come as late as 8 p.m. and still see much of the show. Tickets are 60 cents for adults and 35 cents for students. The 10 best dogs will compete in the finals, beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday. To judge the contests are Tom Stewardson of Santa Anna, Joe LeMay of Goldthwaite and E.E. Evans of Talpa. Entries are coming from Otto Grumblies of Georgetown, Harold Lively of Menard, Weldon Harrell, Preston Robinson and Earl Wharton of San Saba, Willard Potts of Lometa, Clinton Harlow and H.J. Cassady of Llano, and Ray Parker of Elgin. The trials are sponsored here by the McCulloch County Livestock Association and are being directed by the Rev. Virgil Schuelein, pastor of the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church who recently became interested in the sport. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS To enroll at Colorado Robert Stiles Carmichael and Gray Carrithers plan to leave Wednesday for Boulder, Colo., where they will enter the University the first semester. The Bradyites are students of Texas Christian University at Fort Worth during the regular school year.

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