Mayor denies third noncompliance plea

A group of citizens seeking to have the Brady City Council address issues of noncompliance with the Brady City Charter had their third request for a noncompliance hearing denied by Brady city officials on Monday. In a certified letter to the group known as “The Citizens”, city secretary Christi McAnally stated that the petition received on May 23 requesting a noncompliance hearing did not meet charter requirements. In the letter, it stated that the petition does not meet the requirements based upon the specific article(s) and or sections in violation were not mentioned in detail. Attached to the letter from the city secretary was a letter signed by Mayor Clarence Friar citing legal opinions solicited individually by him from more than one attorney. In the letter signed by the mayor, there is a brief discussion of each topic addressed in the request submitted by the citizens, explaining why the allegations are not in violation of the charter. “We are simply following the advice of our legal council,” Friar told the Standard-Herald Wednesday. “I personally discussed this matter with two different attorneys, and they both agreed upon the opinion that was written in the City’s reply.” Gayla Bowen, a spokesperson for the group who submitted the petition, told the Standard-Herald earlier this week that they (the group) did not expect the Council to hold a hearing, but that The Citizens were trying to go about things using the proper methods and channels as described in the city charter.

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