Escaped pigs cause neighborhood furor

June 7-10, 1960 Two little pigs’which had escaped from their pen’led housewives, children, and the police on a wild chase Saturday morning in the neighborhood around Pine and 16th Streets. “It was the best workout I’ve had in months,” said Police Chief Dorman Gibbs. The pigs had been rooting up the flower beds, and the neighborhood women didn’t like it a bit. “Mrs. Hardin Jones called and asked if we would help’so we gave it a try,” Gibbs said. Gibbs, the women and four or five boys joined in the chase. Almost two hours later they had caught only one pig. “They would wait for us to get close up and then they would make a break for it.” The pigs were 4-H Club projects and were being kept by County Agent Jimmy Cusenbary in a pen on the outskirts of town. Somehow they had gotten out of the pen and headed for the flower beds. “We hated to give up, but we lost the other pig. He headed into some brush near Cusenbary’s house,” Gibbs said. * * * Ex-Brady lass gets film job in Mexico Lanier Yoder, 20, who was reared in Brady, is in Aquascalientes, Mexico, making a movie this summer with Rock Hudson and Kirk Douglas. “She looks real pretty as a movie star,” smiled her grandmother, Mrs. Rose Speer of Brady. Lanier is the daughter of Mrs. Al Huffington of San Antonio, the former Drusilla Yoder. “We were thrilled,” Mrs. Speer said, “They changed her name to ‘Lenee Dupont’ and made her dye her hair blonde.” Lanier was given a big buildup in the Mexican newspapers. They listed her age as 18 and called her a “television actress.” “She isn’t, but you know how they are,” Mrs. Speer joked. Lanier, however, has done theatre work in San Antonio while she was at the University of Texas in Austin. She had gone to Mexico to take a summer job doing publicity for a resort hotel in Guadalujara whene she got the movie job. * * * Brady 4-H girls win at roundup Cheryl Huffman and Jerrilyn Lohn, McCulloch County’s 4-H Club representatives, made an outstanding showing last week at the State 4-H Roundup in College Station. Cheryl was among the blue-ribbon winners in the ‘share the fun’ contest, and Jerrilyn placed third among 22 entries in the state public speaking contest. Accompanied by Nancy Archer at the piano, Cheryl sang a song, ‘Do, Re, Me,’ to a rabbit hand puppet. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Huffman. Jerrilyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Lohn, Jr., received a pin for her third-place speech, ‘How 4-Hers Are Different,’ an outline of the advantages in leadership that 4-H members have over non-members. * * * Boy scouts enjoy picnic, get awards at Richards Park Members of Boy Scout Troop 424 and their families enjoyed a picnic supper at Richards Park last week. A Court of Honor was held, and Buddy Wyman, camp ranger at Camp Sol Mayer, presented the awards and also spoke to the group about summer camp at Sol Mayer. Eight members of the troop left Sunday for a week at camp: Dugan Calliham, Don Cavness, Joe Evridge, Larry Flanagin, Michael Flanagin, Michael McBride, Jimmy Rodrigue and Dennis Lane. K.D. Lindsay will be in charge of the troop at camp. Troop 424 is sponsored by the Brady Rotary Club. The Scoutmasters are H.G. Cavness and J.N. Day. * * * Jack Womack gets Navy discharge Chief Mineman Jack Womack of the United States Navy received a medical discharge from this branch of the service recently. He was born and reared here, attended local schools, and is the son of Mrs. E.M. Womack of Brady. He put in 20 years of continuous service in the Navy. Mr. and Mrs. Womack and five children, Danny, Deanne, Deborah, Beverly and Jackie arrived in Brady last week. Jack and family, if at all possible, plan to reside here. He is planning a business venture locally. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Guest of son and family Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bradley were recent guests in the home of their son, W.D. Bradley and family at Waurika, Okla. There they attended the annual barbecue of the Old Pickens County Trail Drivers Association, May 28. Their daughter, Mrs. Richard B. Ruff, and children, Walter and Lenora of Mesquite, joined them there. * * * Here from Denton Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lindley and two small daughters of Denton, were weekend guests of Mrs. Kate Harris. They all attended the Chuck Wagon Supper at Rochelle last Thursday evening. * * * Scout camp counselor Jimmy Atherton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Atherton, is serving as counselor on the Boy Scout staff at Camp Sol Mayer during the month of June. * * * Scouts to camp Four members of Boy Scout Troop 423, sponsored by Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, left Sunday for a week’s stay at Camp Sol Mayer. They are Don Ray Hoffman, Skippy Priess, Chuck Priess and Victor Schill. * * * Troop 402 leaves for summer camp Boy Scouts of Troop 402, sponsored by the First Methodist Church, left Sunday afternoon for a week’s camping at Camp Sol Mayer near Menard. The troop assembled at the home of Scoutmaster Ed Tittle and boarded the Boy Scout bus for camp. Boys attending the camp are Melvin Tittle, Kenneth Wilton, Ronnie Martin, David Taylor, Danny Schill, Gerald Bowman, Jerry Atherton and Dwight Micklethwait. They were accompanied by the Scoutmaster, Ed Tittle.

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