Don’t let difficult people ruin your day

Whether at home or at work we all have to deal with difficult people sometimes, said Patrick Tiner, faculty associate in psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. To deal with them, it’s crucial to find what they do “to push our buttons.” “Try listing the situations in which difficulties arise and analyze the difficult person’s reactions,” Tiner said. “Look for the reasons behind the person’s actions or moods when there is conflict. Can you pick out certain behavior traits’ It is moodiness, bossiness, selfishness, refusal to listen, defensiveness or talking behind your back’ Does he or she always blame someone else’ Is the person a fault-finder'” Tiner recommended trying to identify what has’and hasn’t’worked to resolve conflicts in the past. Look for other circumstances and reactions you can change. Don’t tune the person out or walk away. Don’t become irritable or refuse to respond. Remember: You’re probably not going to be able to change the other person, but your reaction may help diffuse a difficult situation.

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