The Mane Lion

The Brady Lions Club’s regular noon meeting last Thursday would have been short, sweet and to the point, but Lion Max Gordon saved us from all that. When the scheduled program sponsor and his program didn’t show up, the school superintendent bravely filled in with off-the-cuff information about Brady’s Schools. He announced the new athletic director, Davy DuBose, and the new elementary principal, Kelley Hirt. He then gave us statistics related to the Brady schools’ TAAS scores for 2001 and explained that BISD will probably be a ‘recognized’ district again this year. They’re still striving to be classified as ‘exemplary.’ Lion Max also gave us a sneak preview of the 2001-2002 BISD school calendar. Classes will start on Sept. 4 (after Labor Day), but will still end before June 1. This is being accomplished by holding all of the teacher’s in-service days before the beginning of classes in the fall, by obtaining a waiver to hold only 177 class days instead of 180, and by shortening the Christmas break by a few days. We had three guests at the May 31st meeting. Lion Police Chief John Stewart brought our new PD Investigator and potential Lion Ed Matsis. Lion Eddie Cox brought his son, Wayne, and Lion Mike Long brought his son, Shaun. Just in case you’re curious about who forgot to come to the meeting and bring a program, you’ll have to wait and see whom the Lion Tail Twister fines this week. We’ll report it. Officers and directors, there’s a board meeting next Monday, June 4 at noon. Be there!

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