Memorial Day is over’tournament a success!

My column this week is a little different than usual. The following is an interview with Charlie Bush about his views as president of the Heart of Texas Golf Association and their participation in the Harry Priess Memorial Day Tournament. “I want to say thanks to some people for all the help they gave us during the Memorial Day Golf Tournament. This is the biggest tournament of the year for the Heart of Texas Golf Association and if you have never been involved with this tournament you have no idea how much work is involved with pulling off a successful tournament. “It’s a four-day tournament that takes six weeks to prepare for. The Board of Directors works very hard to make everything run smoothly and they deserve a pat on the back for their hard work, long hours and dedication. The board consists of Mae Journeay, Ray Hawkins, Marcus Solis, Jim Quinn, Billy Patterson and Dale Harris. If you see these people about town, you might thank them for their many hours of hard work. “My thanks also goes to J. T. and all the people that helped him prepare the golf course for the crowd of 128 golfers. The volunteers are too many to mention by name but you know who you are and so do I. You folks spent hours picking up trash, weed eating, cleaning of water traps, filling water traps and mowing. Everyone of you showed your love for the game of golf and the golf course. The flood of compliments about the shape of the course was overwhelming and you are all to be commended on your efforts. “Cheryl, you and your crew of painters gave new life to the golf shop, cart barn and patio. To me it looks like a shiny new penny. The effort and work everyone put out is greatly appreciated by everyone that enters there. Cheryl, you said you could get that project completed before the tournament and you did it! Great job! And thank you so much! “Craig, you added the finishing touches with your drawings. A hidden talent is no longer hidden – you do great work and we say thank you so much!! “Gwen and her staff in the golf shop did an outstanding job running that part of the tournament. When the rains came on Friday morning, things did come to a halt. But after a two hour rain delay and 40 golfers crammed into the golf shop, you got things rolling again. Nothing like having 40 golfers wanting to tee off at the same time. But you took charge and reassigned tee times and by 2 p.m. all golfers were off and playing. My thanks go to everyone that worked in the golf shop keeping things running smoothly. Your hard work certainly paid off. “Denise Nichols and all the ladies that took control of the cooking for the entire weekend, I say thank you!! You deserve a medal of commendation as this is a job that not very many people would volunteer to do-but you did and a superb job you did do. I heard nothing but good things about you Denise and your group of friendly ladies. A special thanks to each of you!! “There are far too many people to name by name but I personally want to thank everyone that did help. Your help made this one of the most successful tournaments ever. The compliments from all the players were outstanding and that goes back to your hard work and dedication! Without you this tournament would not have run so smoothly! Thank you once again.” Those were words from Charlie, and he said it all for us from the golf course, too. Other news from the golf course is that we now have 15 new golf carts. The carts arrived Tuesday morning a little late for the tournament but we are very proud of them anyway. We just hope you help us take very good care of them and appreciate them as much as we do. There was a nine hole Hully Gully on Thursday and we had 39 players out. Scores ranged from 28 to 32. The winning team was Brent Raybion, Donald Owens, Wayne Rawlings, Craig Steffens and Doris Jones with a 28. There was a three-way tie for second place with scores of 29. But the score card play off went to the Raymond Rubio team. Players were Raymond, Fernando Torres, Roy Short, Doug Roberts and Denise Nichols. Third place went to Curtis Copeland, David Hernandez, Peanut Owens, Ben Rubio and Dannye Calley with a 29. Other scores were 29, two 30’s, 31 and 32. Thank you each for coming out and participating in our Hully Gully. Wednesday, June 6, will be Ladies’ Evening of golf. Ladies, if you are interested in playing, bring a lady friend and be sure to call the golf shop by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday to sign up. Tee off time will be 5:30 and the phone number to call is 597-6010. Thursday, June 7, will be a regular nine hole Hully Gully and Sunday, June 10 will be the regular monthly 18 hole Hully Gully. Just be sure to call or go by the golf shop by 4:30 on Thursday or by 12:30 on Sunday if you plan on playing in either of these Hully Gullys. Just call 597-6010 to sign up. The point system is working and progressing quite nicely with the players of the Hully Gullys acquiring points with their winnings. The top ten point winners are: Denise Nichols’13 points; Tim Kilgore’11 points; Wayne Rawlings’10 points; Craig Steffens’10 points; Donald Owens’10 points; Doug Roberts’9 points; Kathy Powell’9 points; Gabe Moreno’9 points; Shane McCartney’8 points; Jack Roberts’8 points and Dannye Calley’8 points. The Heart of Texas Golf Association is hosting the Couples Tournament on June 23-24. Entry forms are in the golf shop for you to fill out if you are planning on playing in this tournament. They are taking the first 64 paid entries only. That about does it for this week! Hope to see you out at the course real soon.

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