Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: United States flags were seen flying in the wind this past weekend at McCulloch County cemeteries. In memory of deceased veterans who served in all wars, flags were placed on their graves. Members of the VFW Post of Brady placed flags on 165 veterans’ graves at Live Oak cemetery in Brady. Members and friends of the American Legion and Auxiliary of Mercury placed 577 flags on graves at Rest Haven Cemetery in Brady. Tony and June Long, Dayton and Virginia Boren, Clayton Wagner, Jordan Fisher, Cathy and Kelsey McAda, and Bill and Gail McAda all helped place the flags. Lindsey and Louise Passmore placed 21 flags in East Sweden Cemetery while J.R. and Sadie Cawyer and Jean and Betty Knutson placed 31 flags at Placid Cemetery. Ninety flags were placed on veterans’ graves at Cox Cemetery by Peggy Ross and Joyce Hubbard while Earl and Sarita Cox placed 43 flags at Cowboy Cemetery and 87 flags at Rochelle Cemetery. Earl and Sarita Cox Rochelle

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