Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: The article in the Brady Standard-Herald, May 22, stated that the Texas Water Development Board had approved the Region F Water Plan. We would like to add that the planning for Region F was performed by a 21-member Planning Group. The members of the Group were appointed by the TWDB under Senate Bill 1. This group worked for over two years to prepare the plan that was finally approved by the TWDB. Johnny Jones of Brady was one of two appointees that represented agriculture interests on the 21 member Planning Group. He also represented McCulloch County to make sure that the plan was least harmful to the citizens of the county. Johnny spent many hours preparing for his input to the Group and traveled many miles to attend the Group meetings. The Planning Group members were not paid for their time or travel. Johnny is well respected in the Region, having been President of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, past president of the Lower Colorado River Authority, a Governor’s appointee on several boards and currently serving on the Board of Regents of Texas Tech University. When he spoke or made a motion, the entire Planning Group listened and acted. The water planning Bill, Senate Bill 1, was passed because the population of Texas was expected to double by the year 2050. Such a large growth in population would severely increase the need for water in the highly populated areas. The original intent was to take the needed water from agriculture and prepare to transport it to the larger cities. Johnny could see the effect that would have on the agriculture interests in Region 1 and he made sure that the Region’s need for agriculture water was represented in the water plan. He, in fact, offered the motion that greatly increased and properly represented the need for agriculture water in the plan and that motion was unanimously adopted. Rural Texas is in great need of people such as Johnny Jones, who will give of their time and knowledge to help protect our interests in McCulloch County and West Texas. Our Central Texas Taxpayers Associ-ation’s Board acknowledges Johnny’s unselfish efforts to help protect our interests and we sincerely thank him for his service. We encourage your readers to also take the time to thank Johnny for his work on their behalf. Even if they have to go to a Tech ball game to catch him, he deserves their thanks. KEN BULL Rochelle

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