BISD districts to be realigned

Shifting borders and readjusting boundary lines appears to be just what will happen with several areas in the single member districts of the Brady Independent School District. According to recent population and census counts, a slight shift in the population of Brady will require some of the single member districts to be modified. Speculation now is that there will be some movement of district lines to correct the deviation that was caused by the population shift. “Right now, with the help of a law office, we are verifying population numbers of registered voters,” said BISD Supt. Max Gordon. “We are required by law to have an equal number of registered voters within each single member district and right now David Mendez of Biggerstaff and Heath Law Offices is going over the preliminary figures. After he concludes his research, he will make recommendations to the board that will ensure that the districts are balanced according to the laws and guidelines of the Department of Justice.” Gordon stated Wednesday that preliminary estimates show that there will need to be approximately 800 registered voters in each of the seven single member districts. The changes that could possibly take effect, however, will not affect the status of any of the board members. “In certain situations in smaller school districts, a change like the one we may see could have a drastic impact on the makeup of the board,” said Gordon. “We are lucky in the fact that it seems like it will not affect it (the board) in any way.” The deadline for school districts to submit a redistricting plan to the Department of Justice is Sept. 1.

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